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Body Shop / Liability / Responsibility Question (1 Viewer)


So my son was in a wreck earlier this summer (left rear quarter panel and bumper-2016 Mustang).

Finally got the car back last Wednesday. Body work and paint look great. However 2 miles down the road we notice that we barely get any FM reception and no AM reception. Immediately call the body shop (5 letter word w/ 2 AA's) to let them know. They ask me to bring it back that afternoon so they can look at it. At this point I'm very frustrated as a 3 week fix has turned into almost 7 weeks due to incompetence etc. I've also learned that all these places are individual FRANCHISEE'S and corporate customer service really does not give a damn.

Show up and 2 guys crawl into the back seat and immediately get back out. I guess the antenna is in the back window and they subcontract to a glass guy to remove/install the windows, so they initially blame them. So I speak with the manager of the shop who says she'll contact the window company. She does and I head out to their shop the next day. The window tech looks at it and says "you're supposed to have a wire under this plastic that I can connect to the window........you don't". So the window company denies responsibility.

The window manager calls the shop manager and neither accept responsibility. Body shop calls insurance telling them that they need to send it to the dealer for a diagnosis and want them to add to the claim and get me back in a rental. Insurance comes back 2 days ago and says no dice to the shop because the radio was working before I took it in, plus they've already kept me in a rental 3 weeks longer than the original time frame.

I tell the shop to figure it out and give me a call by noon on Friday. In the meantime I call the local ford dealership body shop manager and give lowdown, and he says "yeah they probably cut the wire, but in order to replace you have to remove the headliner, and that is expensive, and they'll probably lose money on your repair".

Get a call from the shop a bit ago, they want me to take in for a diagnostic ($159) on my dime to determine the issue. They say if they caused the issue they will have it repaired on them, if not it is on me or insurance will have to cover.

I don't see a winning play here. When it gets diagnosed and it is determined that a wire is missing or broke, the shop will say not on us. They already questioned me as to how do they know the radio was working before I brought it in.

Do I call my insurance company (Lizard) and see what they say?

I guess I'll pay the 159 for the diagnosis, and give them the results. But I can almost guarantee you that they'll say it wasn't their fault. Then I guess I can pay the $34 and have some entertainment in small claims court for the 1st time in my life.

Any thoughts or ideas on how to handle.

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