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Brackett, Barnett or Mitchell (1 Viewer)


I added my league scoring below. We play 3 LBs. I have A Pierce and D Clark but since Barnett is so undependable anymore I find myself back and forth on who I should start as my 3rd Backer. Any thoughts? Your time is appreciated.Total Touchdowns 6.0 points each Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 4.0 points each Forced Fumbles 2.0 points each Interceptions Caught 4.0 points eachPasses Defensed 2.0 points each Tackles 2.0 points each Assists 1.0 point each Sacked a QB 2.5 point for every 0.50 Safeties 4.0 points each

...but since Barnett is so undependable anymore...
The NFL season is not even three weeks old yet. I personally would not be dropping the Dan Morgan's and Nick Barnett's of the FF world for the flavor-of-the-month's like Gary Brackett and Brad Kassell.Stick with Brackett. However, keep an eye on Mitchell.

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