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Brady vs BUF or Big Ben Vs. CLE? I'l answer your ?s (1 Viewer)

Brady Vs BUF on Monday or Big Ben vs CLE

  • Brady

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  • Big Ben

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I have both Brady (Vs BUF) & Big Ben (Vs CLE). They are both projected to get 20 points for my non PPR league 7 are ranked right next to each other

I am leaning towards Brady because they play Monday night and I like the ability to come back after Sunday (if needed).


Please leave a link and i will answer your questions

Thanks in advance & good luck this week


I'd go with Roethlisberger. He's a hard guy to sit whenever he is at home, and there is a chance that Brady doesn't have to do much to beat Buffalo, and only attempts 25-30 passes. 


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