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Brady Widows: are you in for week 16? (1 Viewer)


10 team redraft. Drafted Brady 8th overall (Colston in the 3rd round, woo hoo!), and replaced him with Campbell, then Shaub (around week 4), then Thigpen, then traded for Cutler.

Somehow in the Championship game and feeling pretty lucky.

What did you do to fill in for Brady? Hopefully drafted a better backup than I did....

In my start 2 QB work league, drafted Brady in 1, Brees in 2, and Colston in 3, and am playing in the championship. Replaced Brady's QB spot with QBBC of Edwards/Pennington. Granted, not the stiffest competition as it's a work league ...

In my competitive 14-team league, the guy who drafted Brady is playing in the championship. He QBBC'd Cassel & Favre. His (at the time) highly questionable move of rafting Favre too early as a backup to Brady actually saved him early season and he probably wouldn't have made the playoffs otherwise.

Somehow I'm still in it, thanks mostly to having Boldin on my roster. Not counting the Brady disaster, I've been blessed by the fantasy gods with seemingly a different player blowing up each week and squeaking out one win after another. I dealt Greg Jennings for Eli immediately after Brady went down and I even overcame his poor showing this week.

Drafted Brady Rd 1 (#3 o/a). V. Young was my backup (what was in thinking). Rd 2 Fitz, Rd 3 CJ (COC) oops. I've only got Fitz, Jacobs, Cotch & TEN Def left from draft day.

I've cut and pasted:

Kitna, Edwards, JTO, Cassel. Garcia, Pennington, Garrard, Ryan & now Thigpen, many more than once. :popcorn:

Just wonder who I'll use this week in the championship, stay tuned.

I drafted Brady in the first round of a dynasty draft this year...and had VYoung as my backup. I got lucky for a few weeks early but have been plugging in Cassell all year to get to the Championship.

Dynasty league :coffee:Pennington has filled in pretty well.
Yes, I have plugged Warner in all season at QB. I sort of feel like the 1999 Rams after Trent Green went down.
why are you quoting me? :unsure:
A simple mistake. I've been quoting so many other posts today that I just got into a habit of hitting quote and then reply before posting in threads. You are right that it makes no sense for me to quote you. Oh well, carry on....
I've cut and pasted:Kitna, Edwards, JTO, Cassel. Garcia, Pennington, Garrard, Ryan & now Thigpen, many more than once. :unsure:
Ok, forgot about those guys...I did use JTO, Garrard, Campbell, then Schaub, Thigpen, and finally traded for Cutler when Schaub went down. Ha ha...forgot about JTO!
I had Brady in 3 leagues.

1 league - Campbell and Cassel

1 league - Delhomme and Collins

1 league - Cassel, Schaub, Brady Quinn

out of the championship in all 3.


Keeper league - started with Brady, S.Jackson, and TJ Housh

QB-drafted Cutler as my backup QB specifically b/c of the Brady preseason foot issue (normally wouldn't have selected a backup QB at all!)

RB-drafted E.Graham, Edge, and stashed D.Williams on my bench. Was pretty lucky that about the time SJ and EG got hurt, and Edge got benched,.......... DW started to get hot. Was able to pickup and ride BenJarvisGreen on his 4 game streak and then picked up Hillis and rode him late in the sesaon. Now that SJ is back, I'm riding SJ and DW.

WR - nothing to write home about as it has been a mediocre mixed bag all season.

All the above and I still managed to make it to the Championship!

10 team, took brady round 1.8

drafted cutler round 10 or 11, played cutler weeks 2-7, til someone dropped rodgers, picked him up and been playing him lately, has been more consistent than cutler the past few weeks


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