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Branden Ore status (1 Viewer)


Is he a candidate for the NFL draft? Any word on if he has declared for the draft?

He'll be at Texas VS The Nation, and I have a good feeling we'll be profiling him on Draftguys Tv. At the very least we'll have practice reports and podcasts from El Paso that detail his performance.

Ore looked good in El Paso --- for two days.Monday:

Branden Ore(West Liberty State) - Ore looked to be in great shape, and he was light on his feet with great juice in his cuts. Ore made would-be tacklers miss more than once and he also showed soft hands as a receiver. Ore instinctively gets skinny between the tackles and he knows how to dip his shoulder away from outstretched arms. He has good vision for the cutback lanes and seems to be rehabilitating his draft stock after getting dismissed from Virginia Tech this past Spring.
Branden Ore(West Liberty State) - Ore had a terrific one handed catch, and he’s clearly a natural hands catcher, but he had to be corrected by Nation head coach Howard Schnellenberger because he had too much stutter in his routes. Schnellenberger even used Canadian RB Jamall Lee, who is learning the ropes of American football this week, as an example for Ore to copy.
Then on Wednesday he got a combine invite, and promptly left El Paso. We will be profiling him on draftguys TV, including an interview. He looked way better than Gary Russell did at this game after a year off back in 2007.
Unless he got knocked in the head and is a new person, he wont have the work ethic to make it in the NFL. Dude had many chances at VT and kept pissing them away at the first opportunity. If Frank Beamer has to dismiss a student from the team, then you know it's gotta be bad.

I wish Ore well and hope he can prove me wrong as a former Hokie but I just dont see it happening.


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