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Brandon Lloyd Legit WR3 now? (1 Viewer)


Seems like this guy has taken hold of the #1 WR position in Chicago for what that's worth.. He's putting up decent #'s. What's his season long potential? Can he get consistent targets in the offense?

A week ago, I would've laughed at the thought of it, bit he looked very good last week.

He's gotten 9 targets in each of the last 2 games. I know Orton is only going to attempt 20 passes most weeks, but somebody has to catch them. He's always had talent. If Orton ever gets the hook, Lloyd could be pretty good with Grossman's arm doing the throwing. When it's not thrown the opposing team, that is.

I think Lloyd can be a spot starter or borderline WR3, I am contemplating picking him up this week.

I think this guy has potential and picked him up this week, but I don't think he is starting material in week 4. Asanti Samuel is going to shipwreck his stats imo. He may still be a viable WR3 in PPR this week, but I don't see a very good chance of pass TD or > 50 yds vs Samuel.

he's always had talent, just been a bit of a headcase and hasn't exactly played with good teams/QBs. the fact that he's reunited with his old college coach (ron turner) and is being treated as more of a #1 now can't hurt. if you saw some of the catches he made sunday, he looked pretty agile/impressive. i took a flier on him...who else do the bears have to catch the ball? (besides forte)

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Could be a decent play over the course of the season... but remember, the Bears played into OT this past week, so the chances he puts up similar numbers/catches might be slim.


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