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Breece Hall for Charbonnet? (1 Viewer)


Hello all. First time posting so thanks for any and all advice.

10 team .5PPR league. I asked Breece Hall owner if they would be willing to trade him and they said they were interested in Charbonnet on my bench. Why am I so hesitant to pull that trigger?

Am I crazy to think that Charbonnet could be a league winner this year, even if Walker is healthy? But then Hall could be too if he ramps it up late in the season. Am I just waffling too much and should just pull the trigger or am I right to put as much consideration into it for the upside Charbonnet has and injury recovery concerns for Hall?

Again, I appreciate any and all advice or suggestions.

My Roster:
QB: J Allen
RB: Bijan
RB: Mattison
WR: Diggs
WR: Cooper
TE: Andrews
Flex: Dotson

WR: London
WR: D Johnson
WR: Addison
RB: Charbonnet
RB: Bigsby
RB: Gibson
RB: K. Herbert
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