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Brees--How much to downgrade? (1 Viewer)


I own Brees in a few leagues myself and I don't think I'd have the stones to trade him off, but after losing Colston AND Shockey AND Patten, it's really going to be tough to keep it up as an elite passer. He's coming off another monster yardage game, but is this the time to sell him? If so, what for? The only guys I'd consider moving him for at this point would be Romo, Manning, and I guess Cutler.

Would you guys do it for less? Honestly think he'll still remain an elite, every-week start?

I'm not downgrading him at all. I'm upgrading Bush. Brees is an elite QB and he will find open guys.... by that I mean he will find Bush. :hophead:

I don't see the loss of Shockey as a major hit, but a small downgrade is warranted with the loss Patten, Colston & Shockey. With no real RB threat (aside from P Thomas as a marginal RB3), Brees will be throwing 40+ each week.

How can you downgrade that high passing ratio?


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