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Brees proves again .. good Qb ... but not a CLUTCH QB .. (1 Viewer)


any Saints fan will agree with me ...

Brees and Payton --- 0 - 20 when losing in the 3 rd quarter

Brees is a good QB ... a GREAT QB when playing ahead ... but when it comes to leading a team back in the clutch with pressure on .... he folds ..

2 late 4 th quarter int's today were horrible and further proof that any MVP talk is laughable ...

the defense does its job and gets the ball back .... you drive down get a FG to tie the game ....

the defense stops them again .. you have a chance to drive down to win ......

INT ..... ( with about 4 minutes left )

TB gets a FG .. leads by 3 ........

Brees gets the ball back at 1:59 to take the team down the field to tie or win ... and

INT ( game done )

just so wierd when a player is SOOO good but when the pressure is on .. FOLDS ..

alrighty i am done

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True, I don't think I can recall him ever throwing a TD pass late in the game to take the lead. His drives usually end in INTs when trying to play from behind.

the season was basically over ... but win this game and your still atleast have a flicker of hope

this ended it

and to the saints fans again .. you remember last years " excellent " double reverse that ended the season last year ... once again vs T.B ....

The fact that people were nominating Brees as an MVP candidate is a joke. The guy never wins the big game for his team, who are again underachieving and will miss the playoffs.

Brees is not MVP material

Well, here's the thing. Brees just faced his toughest opponent of the year and somehow managed 2 TDs. He does face the Panthers in week 17 but most people have their playoffs done by then. Odds are he will not be trailing in the 4th quarter over his next 3 games and will post very nice fantasy numbers.

As a Saints fan I have no problem with arguably the most accurate QB at the healm. Brees is responsible for more W's than L's. The Saints can look towards next year if they're thinking playoffs. If they don't address their secondary more in the draft, they will continue to lose in their division.

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Brees is a great FF QB and is fun to watch.. I could care less if he is clutch or not.

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Brees has been clutch all season long it doesnt have to be a last minute come from behind throw to make you a clutch QB. Without Drew Brees the Saints would resemble the Chiefs or Raiders. Drew Brees makes the #1 offense work. Your just a bunch of haters because my man is going to break the record.

this is 100 % true

Brees and Payton are 0 - 17 when trailing at the end of the 3 rd quarter

those are pretty damming numbers

they were even talking about it during the telecast today ...

I think the guy deserves some slack. His defense often forces him into a desperate situation. Let's face it, without Brees, the Saints fans would have had very little to cheer about this year. Injuries were brutal, but he kept them competitive.


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