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Brett Favre still has no clue what he's doing! (1 Viewer)

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I think he knows quite well what he's doing.... grabbing all the attention that he possibly can. What other reason would he have for calling a press conference just to announce that he hasn't made a decision.

I'm curious if he is going to have a press conference every day... or should we assume that on the days that he doesn't announce that he hasn't made a decision that he has made a decision?

Waitaminute... maybe you're right.

So the only reason for the press conference was to say, "Ah, I'm still thinking about it"?

I am wondering if he will give the Pack an answer before the Draft. Maybe it will be one of those, "If you draft player X with the first round, I'll be back. Otherwise..."

Between TO, and Brett, it has been a season of drama. Oh I mean off season.

I don't think we need this thread.
You're right; we need more Bush and Owens threads :thumbup:
That guy is such a loser.  I wish the Packers would just cut him and move along with their franchise.
IMO, there comes a time when the franchise itself has to make a decision in this drama, lest it become perceived as a subservient ##### to its players. I understand that poor Favre is such a tortured soul at this particular juncture and doesn't know what to do, but it's obvious he needs someone else to make the choice for him at this point.
I love how he acted like he was shocked that there were so many members of the media there, telling them that they should be enjoying baseball now.

So the only reason for the press conference was to say, "Ah, I'm still thinking about it"?
The reason for the press conference was to give an update on his charity. He gives this press conference this time of year EVERY year. It the press and everyone addicted to infotainment that made it such a spectacle.If I had to write a headline for today's press conference it would be

"Favre gently tells horde of impatient idiots to get a life"

"Maybe you should all enjoy baseball for now" ... classic!

I would like to know what Brett Favre's screen name is on FBG. I only ask because he may read these boards and laugh at the idiocy spewed at him.

Brett :hey:

The guy has a press conference for his charity at a fundraising event for his charity but yet that still drives the haters nuts.


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