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Bronze Live Draft ($126) Sunday Night, 20 fresh Orphans, (1 Viewer)


MastersFantasyFootballLeagues.com, home of over 575 Dynasty leagues and 6,700 franchises has 20 Available Orphans.

"The Great Orphaning" this year is on Sunday June 28th starting at 10:00 am, We anticipate about 400 orphans becoming available. last year 75% of the orphans sold within 60 minutes of being posted. Follow this link forcomplete details on the 11th annual "Great Orphaning"

If you are looking to draft this weekend  Masters Fantasy is the place to go, we are running our 16th live draft of the year Sunday night at 8pm, Its a Bronze ($126) Redraft league. We also have email drafts if you prefer that format.

Here are the Draft  results from Wednesday's draft. I think Kenyan Drake is the most difficult player to project, he goes anywhere between the middle of round 1 to the beginning of round 4

If you like Dynasty Fantasy Football, we believe we have the best leagues on the internet. We have well run, public dynasty leagues that are sure to give you many years of fun. Please give us a look, our site is located at MastersFantasyFootballLeagues.com. We have been in business since 2008 and have been running dynasty leagues** since 2011 with 6 dynasty price points between $82 and $2,244. In fact since 2011 we have opened 575 dynasty leagues and we still have 575 dynasty leagues running. We have already filled 15 fresh dynasty leagues this year and will fill many more as the season progresses.

When you have over 6,700 dynasty franchises there are bound to be some orphans, and I just posted 20 of them. The nice thing about our orphans is that you do not need to pay the deposit on them. That was paid by the previous owner which makes our orphan teams half the cost of a fresh league. Buy an Orphan today and start trading today. They are in our Tin, Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold divisions and they are really nice teams.

If you are looking to start from scratch We have fresh dynasty** leagues forming in all divisions. We are filling Tin #8, Copper #5, Bronze #6,  Silver #3 and Gold & Platinum #1. All of these leagues have email drafts which start after the league fills.

Redraft League Email Draft Prices - Tin $41, Copper $68, Bronze $122, Silver $285, Gold $561, Platinum $1112 and Titanium $2,729
Redraft League Live Draft Prices - Tin $46, Copper $72, Bronze $127, Silver $290, Gold $565, Platinum $1117 and Titanium $2,734
Fresh Dynasty** League Prices - Tin $82, Copper $136, Bronze $244, Silver $570,  Gold $1122, Platinum $2,244
Orphan Prices - Tin $41, Copper $68, Bronze $122, Silver $285 and Gold $561
Now filling Tin Dynasty** Email #8, Copper #5 Bronze #6, Silver #3, Gold #1, Platinum #1

Upcoming Live Draft Schedule all times ET
Sunday  - Bronze 8:00 pm
Wednesday - Bronze 8:00 pm

All Master’s Leagues are 12 team, H2H, PPR with blind bidding for waivers. 

** All Masters Standard Dynasty Leagues require a 2 year commitment upfront and are always paid 1 year in advance. Please do not join if you are not 100% committed. We only want 100% committed owners in our Dynasty leagues and that is exactly what we have. Last year our renewal rate was over 92%. 

Live Draft Rules and Schedule

Dynasty League's Rules and Schedule

complete details on the 11th annual "Great Orphaning"

Available Orphans




Questions? Please email us at masters@mastersfantasyleagues.com. We will do all we can to exceed your expectations


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