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Brooks, or Edwards? (1 Viewer)


Can't decide between Derrick Brooks or Donnie Edwards this week. Edwards has slowed a bit lately and Brooks is really starting to turn it on. But having a hard time sitting Edwards since he has always been such a stud for me....any thoughts?

I would never sit Donnie Edwards. If slowing down is...Week 13: 5 tackles, 3 assistsWeek 12: 6 tackles, 2 assistsWeek 11: 5 tackles, 1 assistWeeek 9: 4 tackles, 2 assistsWeek 8: 5 tackles, 6 assists....then, I wish all my players would slow down.Granted, he's only got 1 sack and 1 interception in the last 8 games. But, those big plays have a high variance.Despite this slowdown, Edwards is still the #18 linebacker in my league over the past 3 weeks. (#7 for whole season).FYI: Brooks is #7 in the past three weeks and #23 for the season.


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