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Browns Fan Convicted (1 Viewer)


Browns Fan Who Got Slammed to Turf Convicted

Mallett Pleads No Contest to Disorderly Conduct, Sentencing Set for Jan. 17

CLEVELAND (Jan. 3) - A fan whose romp on the field at Cleveland Browns Stadium ended in a body slam by a Pittsburgh player was convicted Tuesday of disorderly conduct charges.

Nathan Mallett, a Browns fan from Chippewa Lake, will be sentenced Jan. 17 by Municipal Court Judge Joan Synenburg, who convicted him after he pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct while intoxicated and criminal trespassing.

The 24-year-old Mallett could face up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

Mallett, who responded "Yes" when asked if he wanted to change his plea of Dec. 27 from not guilty to no contest, left court without commenting.

Mallett said earlier that he raced onto the field because he was upset during the Steelers' 41-0 win over the Browns on Dec. 24. His jaunt ended when Steelers linebacker James Harrison put him on the ground and held him for police.

01/03/06 13:00 EST

With Droughins (sp) handing out watches to the O-Line, you gotta figure he's entrenched as the starter there. I see Mullett as nothing more than a situational player during future blow outs. Barring injuries of course.


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