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Bruce Irvin to OLB (1 Viewer)


Damn it!!!

I had him marinating in taxi all last year in hopes of unleashing him as DL this year.

Sucks for fantasy. In terms of Seahawks, if they believed in current LB unit, I doubt they'd be doing this.

I have him in 2 leagues hoping this would be his year too.... so many DEs moving to OLB it has messed up too many rosters...

Well, he's DE and LB eligible on ESPN. Picked him up as a speculative add to see how they use him with this whole move to OLB thing. Anyone have any thoughts on what we might see? Is he such a liability in run/pass defense that he'll only be on in pass rushing downs. Dream scenario he is running OLB and then kicking in to DE on third downs?


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