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Bryant Gumbel to NFL network? (1 Viewer)



March 24, 2006 -- Thinking very large and creatively, the NFL Network has had discussions with Bryant Gumbel about being the network's play-by-player on its new eight-game TV package next season, according to sources.

Gumbel, 57, would be an interesting choice because his huge name definitely would bring attention to NFL Network games, which begin Thanksgiving night.

His schedule is very open, considering he only does one HBO Real Sports show a month, and occasionally fills in for Regis Philbin on Regis and Kelly.

Besides money, the other major issue is Gumbel's interest, considering he has limited play-by-play experience. At one time, he called golf for NBC.

A quarter-century ago, he was the host of NBC's NFL pregame show. At the end of last year, he filled in for Bob Costas on HBO's Inside the NFL.

Gumbel and an NFL Network spokesman declined comment.

GOD I hope not. I can't stand Gumbel, this is a guy that equated Fans running on the field to the gatorade bucket dousing the coach.


"We don't show fans running on the field on TV to help try and prevent future activity, so if they stop showing the coach getting soaked maybe players will stop the horrible act"

Just a pompous ###.

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