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Bump Bengals Offense? (1 Viewer)

What is the OP talking about?
Speculation time! OP see Geno Atkins get injured and assumes that the Cincinnati defense will give up more points and the offense will have to compensate by playing more aggressively? :shrug:

I understand what he means, bengals have lost a couple key contributors in defense, there schedule is gonna be up against se better offenses the next couple weeks they may have to score a little more to win. The only problem I see is, they haven't been a ultra conservative team. They throw quite a bit already. So I don't see them being much more valuable than they have already been.

The key beneficiary from all of the injuries on the defensive side of the ball is Gio Bernard. The Bengals have used BJGE to churn clock and to play ball control. If the Bengals fall behind early or get involved in shootouts, it stands to reason that Gio will become more involved in the offense as the Bengals will need the more dynamic back to take the majority of the snaps.


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