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Buy Low/Sell High Subscriber Content Question (1 Viewer)

mere blitzianity

I have been a subscriber for around 8 years and I know I'm not alone when I state the following: the buy low/sell high piece is one of my favorite features each week. I know Bloom writes quite a few articles, but why not make this one more of a priority and push another one to the back burner. People usually make deals in the beginning of a given week and it would be great to match our thoughts with that of Bloom (I greatly respect his opinion, as well as other FG staff members). I love everything else about FG, but think moving the buy low/sell high piece to Tuesday makes too much sense.

Do the right thing and please the masses :)

+1. The Buy Low/Sell High, Forensics Report, and Top 200 ROS are the three articles I look forward to the most. These are most useful early in the week. Later in the week, people are hesitant to do deals because they don't want pending deals out there while the games are being played.

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This is the article I also look forward to each week also, and it's the one that is left out the most.

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Was this to start now, or next week? I waiting for the buy low/sell high article yesterday, but saw that the site still said Thursday. Really hoping we can get this on Tuesday's moving forward.

I feel so dumb, I read the title of this thread as "Buy Low/Sell High Subscriber Contest <-- Question" and thought somebody was suggesting a new contest for FBG to have for Subscribers. :bag:


Thanks, Sig! Came through just as promised.

One note, they incorrectly have your article linked on the inseason content page. If you click on Believe it or Not, it links to your Buy Low/Sell High article.

Not to brownnose too much, but Sigmund, I really feel like between twitter and subscriber content you stand out above the rest in terms of both high quality and high quantity information this year. Kudos.


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