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buy low- which players are you selling and which players are for sale? (1 Viewer)

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We all would like to buy low, but it is good to know which players are being sold. I wanted to start to generate a list of which players that are being actively marketed and shopped by other owners. also, it would be helpful to know which players that you are selling. This list will help generate some targets to go after in trades.

Who are some of the players that have showed up in recent trade offers that have been proposed to you

I have seen Kenny Britt being moved around a lot lately and I guess that makes sense. He is easily one of those players that has the perfect balance of "fed up" owners as well as buyers who think he is due.

Exactly what I was looking for.

Have seen Miles Austin floated out there a few times as well.
I haven't see Austin moved in any leagues, although he would also seem to be one of those guys that could be "bought low". Find the right owner, remind the owner of Austin's bad hamstrings, the fact that he is at the end of his contract and the fact that Dez Bryant has absolutely relegated Austin to the 3rd option, at best, and you might have a sell.

With that being said, I think the buyer in that case ends up equally as disappointed because while Austin will probably have a nice season and be an asset to a fantasy team, all the reasons listed above have completely removed him from being anywhere near as impactful as he was in fantasy just two years ago.


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