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Buy or Sell Ray Rice? (1 Viewer)

I would put his value in a redraft somewhere between Spiller and Richardson, with Spiller as the preferred choice.

Dynasty he may be a buy. Redraft probably Hold/Sell. I don't think the low production is on Rice because Pierce isn't showing anything better. That team seems to be a running disaster this year. I'm not sure they will figure anything out for this year but Rice is still relatively young and is a proven talent.

I don't want him (I admittedly unboarded the Rice train a bit early), but his contract and age say that he'll be starting next year so he's got value. If he plays 16 games next year, he should be an easy RB2. I've heard people are selling him as cheap as Ellington for Rice straight up. But if you accidentally stumble into the circle jerk that is the Ellington thread, half the people in there will tell you Ellington has more value.

Always depends on what you can get but to me it's a sell considering him as a low end first round pick this year. If you can get anything like that in terms of players to trade for I would do it. I think Baltimore is on the downswing for a few years, losing players and paying Flacco a fortune will take its toll.

I am trying to move him. His YPC has been awful and my above average team will get rolled in the playoffs with RR as one of my starters. I was looking to offer Rice and a WR2 for E. Lacey

I think I would take a sandwich and bag of chips for him in redraft so I will quit trotting him out there to get a whopping 4 points a week, I have been offered Ellington, declined. Was also offered Murray most likely gonna accept that one


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