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Bye Week Heroes (1 Viewer)

Bye weeks are upon us, and for those of us in deeper leagues (12 teams+), bench talent is thin, and finding the right guy on the wire can be the key to carrying you to victory when your starters are out.

The WW has been a little threadbare to begin with overall this year, but there are a couple of guys out there now who I believe can more than contribute in a few key positions, and are likely available on the wire.

Don't expect these guys to be the WW wonder that will carry you to the championship with TDs and yardage galore -- these are guys who seem to have a degree of dependable floor to secure you points while your studs sit for the week.

Chris Ogbonnaya, RB CLE -- While McGahee will get most of the carries, Silent G has proven that he can consistently score points on both the ground and in the passing game. The Browns recognize his talent as a utility player who can be used in pretty much every down/distance situation, and he has stepped up to support the team moving the chains.

Emannuel Sanders, WR PIT -- Yes, he had a big TD today so he may be on owner's WW Spidey-senses already. But here is a guy who was going into this week with nearly as many targets as Fitz and other #1 WRs like Stevie Johnson and Hakeem Nicks. With the PIT running game still in neutral, Sanders will continue to get work and yardage even with Brown and Miller racking up their own stats.

Brian Hartline, WR MIA -- Hartline was likely rostered after his early season performance, but may have been dumped as MIA's offense became hit or miss, and as the team entered their bye. Hartline himself may still be boom/bust with MIA's overall fortunes, but he's a guy who gets consistent looks and can provide a solid floor for you going forward.

Nate Washington, WR TEN -- With Britt being a non-factor, Washington is steadily producing. He had a huge game last week, but would imagine that even so some GMs shy away from both Washington's reliability and TEN's offensive potency (or lack thereof). Zig where these owners have might have zagged, as Washington is good for a solid floor of targets and has great upside potential any given week.

Who do you like as great bye-week fillers?


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