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Bye Wk 4 (1 Viewer)


First off, I believe Jene already spoke highly of NO Cameron Jordan in his wk 2 post. But did ya know? The Dolphins have given up 14 sacks through the first three games, second most in the league.

I believe quite a few of us are keeping an eye on the Rookies. I figured its worth noting that SD Manti Teo may start vs. Dallas. But the Cowboys have provided the lowest scoring for LB's (maybe not a hot p/u off wire)

Now I dunno if SF Bowman matchup was ideal, but it was pretty good for stats (almost a pick too) But if you would like to add a player to start based on something and/or to possibly avoid (I know I would enjoy reading) fwiw Last wk I picked up and played D. Morgan, I think I might have read too much into playing against a backup Tackle. But I would suspect, usually it does pay-off...

Personally even though I have Kuechly on bye, Im thinkin my teams good to go. But hopefully we see some good post's..

Now I know its only been three wks, but what two teams have given up the fewest sacks?

DaBears n Lions
p.s. I read the sacks stat(s) via a post on Twitter. DLF is worth a follow imho

I have Watt in one league and picked up Cameron when some idiot dropped him in week 1. We only start 1 DL in that league so my hope is that he blows up this week like the last 2 and I can leverage that for an offensive player. In the worst case he has a nice matchup on Watt's bye so I'm good.


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