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Calculated Power Rankings - week 12 (1 Viewer)


Some of you may remember me doing this in the past few years but for those who don't here's a brief description of what this is. I calculate a "score" for beating a team. Everyone gets the same "score" for beating any given team. For instance all teams that have beaten the Bengals get the same score, which is obviously lower than the score given to the teams that have beaten the Jets. Here's where everyone is through week 12: Enjoy!

Rank Team

1 Giants

2 Titans

3 Jets

4 Colts

5 Steelers

6 Buccaneers

7 Panthers

8 Cowboys

9 Redskins

10 Ravens

11 Patriots

12 Falcons

13 Broncos

14 Cardinals

15 Vikings

16 Dolphins

17 Saints

18 Bears

19 Eagles

20 Packers

21 Bills

22 Browns

23 Chargers

24 Jaguars

25 Texans

26 Raiders

27 Rams

28 49ers

29 Bengals

30 Seahawks

31 Chiefs

32 Lions


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