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Call 1800 523 2177 Microsoft Edge not Responding On Windows 10 (1 Viewer)



if your microsoft edge stops working, you can try repairing or resetting it. step 1: run windows settings and go to apps. step 2: in apps & features, select microsoft edge and click advanced options below it. ... here are two options available, and you can choose to either repair or reset your edge why is windows edge not working? clear out your browsing cache and cookies (history too if needed), and reload edge. a recent app or program you downloaded could be causing problems. run the windows app troubleshooter or try uninstalling the last apps you downloaded how do i get microsoft edge back on windows 10? to do so, open the winx menu and click on settings. next, under the apps and features section, search for microsoft edge. now click on the advanced options link to open the following window. now you may first select the repair option if edge is not working properly do i have to use microsoft edge with windows 10? how to remove microsoft edge on a windows computer. microsoft edge is included with windows 10 by default, replacing internet explorer as the default browser for windows. getting used to microsoft edge takes time, as the feature set and the user interface is different from internet explorer why is microsoft edge so slow? replies (4)  if in case that microsoft edge runs slow on your device, it possible your temporary internet files are corrupted, which means there's no available space for edge to work properly. microsoft edge not working in windows 7 microsoft edge not working after 1903 update microsoft edge not loading pages

microsoft edge not responding on windows 10 a problem with windows is preventing microsoft edge from opening microsoft edge display issues microsoft edge not connecting to internet microsoft edge not working on hp laptop microsoft edge opens then closes  microsoft edge not responding on windows 10 


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