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Calling all Homers - Fantasy analysis of your own favorite NFL team by (1 Viewer)


Apologies if this topic is covered elsewhere, if so please close it down.

Basically I figured this could be a good clearing house thread for people who are fans of a particular team can give their own insight on the fantasy viability of the players on the roster. Are some guys possible hidden gems? Does a team's offense make a particular position worthless? A fan who follows his/her team week in/week out will see stuff some of us won't.

Anyway I'll start it off with my Bengals (other Bengal fans feel free to do your own version):

QB - Dalton. I see Dalton as a probable value play. He'll get drafted like a QB2, possibly even a late QB but with the weapons around him he has the possibility to put up low QB1 numbers (which he did last year). INTs will hurt his value a little but with Gio and Eifert on board he'll be throwing more short passes and that should cut those down. (Drafted 9.08 in my league by me - 14th QB taken)

RB - Bernard. Dynasty darling and he should be. More significantly he's been seeing goal-line carries in preseason and cashing them in. If he keeps that job in the regular season is value will go through the roof. He will get his share of touches every game, though not the pure bell-cow type numbers. One day he may grow up to be Priest Holmes, I really believe it. Good value when you're getting into the teens/20s of RB in redraft. He's an RB 2/3 for this year. (Bernard went 7.04 and 30th RB taken)

RB - BJGE. Personally I think he's undraftable. Feels like starter in name only. If he does get the short-yardage work then he'll get a small bump but I think Gio is going to take more of the load and that BJGE's numbers when he's in won't excite. After all the starting RBs are gone and a few of the backups then he's in the convo IMO. Let someone else take him. (BJGE actually went earlier 6.07 - 27th RB taken)

RB - Herron, Peerman, Burkhead fullbacks, etc. In a ridiculously deep dynasty league, maybe you take Burkhead very late. Really nothing here fantasywise. (undrafted)

WR - AJ Green. Late-first round pick with no regrets. Just gets better and better. A top 3 guy in dynasty probably given all that's ahead of him. (comically late 3.02 - 5th WR taken :no: )

WR - Sanu. Personally I think the #2 job is his. Got hurt last year, but I don't think that's a trend. If you can't have AJ he's the one to have. But with all of the other weapons, I personally think he's a late round pick, say around pick 100. WR 3/4 for fantasy purposes. (undrafted)

WR - Jones, Hawkins, Cobi Hamilton, Tate. Redraft I don't think any of 'em are rosterable, to be honest. Hawkins is a nice, but limited player and I think Gio is actually gonna eat up some of that role even when he's back playing (he's hurt and a possible revokable IR candidate). Jones isn't as versatile as Sanu and with more 2-TE sets will be hurt. Hamilton is too raw and could even be a pratice squad guy. If you're in an oddball league where kick-return yards matter, Tate has good value with that (and only in that case). (undrafted)

TE - Gresham. I think Eifert is going to actually help him a ton and as the veteran he's going to get the better of the looks. His demise is overstated. Eifert may eat into him later on in the year, but on a redraft I think Gresham is actually going to be the one with the better numbers. Low end #1 TE/high end #2TE for fantasy purposes - limited ceiling b/c of the situation but I can see him getting 5 or so TDs. (amazingly undrafted)

TE - Eifert. Dynasty-wise he's an early pick for TE-dedicated leagues. A ton of skill - more talent and upside catching the ball than Gresham. I think though that early on he'll be behind. In redraft the numbers are going to nearly mirror Gresham I bet, 4 or so TDs with a decent number of catches but not a ton. This will change starting as soon as '14 though. Immense talent though - hopefully he'll embarrass me here and get like 9 TDs :) I think people will overdraft him think TE 1. I'm thinking solide TE2. (undrafted)

PK - Nugent. The Bengals will generate a lot of FG opporunties I think. Personally I thought Brown was great last year but they stayed loyal to Nuge (who when healthy has a booming leg). Side note here - I like Brown to put up great numbers with the Giants. Like top 5. (undrafted, I grabbed Brown)

TD/ST - The defense is of bend don't break variety with a ferocious line that was one of the league leaders in sacks. Yardage allowed numbers will probably be pedestrian but points allowed should be really good. Relies on generating turnovers. Basically this is the style of defense that benefits fantasy players in most formats. Should be one of the top 4 drafted. Special teams wise they have capable return men in Jones and Tate and if the ball is kicked 2-4 yards deep in the endzone they almost always run it out (which is a plus for ST drafters). Overall it's a plus. (9.04 - 5th defense taken)

IDP - Atkins is a category killer for interior line. Must have kind of guy. The DEs, Dunlap and Johnson generate a lot of sacks as well and with Johnson playing for a contract I'd expect that to continue. Maualuga, in spite of, or perhaps because of, his flaws in covers generates tackles and Burfict is a tackling machine in that regard. Harrison is not going to have the work load he did in Pittsburgh - I think he'll be good as a player for us but it may not show up in fantasy-type numbers. Secondary likes to ball hawk so there's value there in terms of INTs for Hall and the ancient Newman. Jones plays a lot as they are frequently in nickel. Nothing of note at safety for leagues that go that deep. (n/a)

Okay homers have at it for your teams :)


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Giants homer.

QB: Eli - feel free to take him as one of the last QB in a 12 team + league. He has weapons and I hope they utilize david wilson in the passing game.

RB: Wilson - has been discussed, all pro talent, needs touches. I'd take him as RB2 if I loaded up on top WRs/Graham as he can be a top10 RB and has a decent floor. Need to see consistency week in and week out this year and he'll be a top 5 pick next year.

RB: Brown - decent all around back. Giants best goalline back in a while although they still are below league average in punching it in. Will get touches. Has seen work as a 3rd down back. Great opportunity should wilson get hurt.

RB: Torain/Cox - Cox has looked great in camp. Torain looks good between the tackle. Giants will probably carry 4 RBs. Neither rosterable in redraft.

WR: Nicks - contract year, healthly. Will get timing w/ eli and presents good value in the 4th round allowing you to load up on RBs in earlier rounds.

WR: Cruz - going a little too early for my liking. Heel injury could be problematic and giants have had a track record of trotting guys out there that were not at 100% instead of trusting their roster depth.

WR: Randle - draft him late. he's putting it together in camp this year.

TE: Myers - still learning offense, runs wrong routes. I wouldnt draft him, but it could click and he could be a weapon. Eli makes TEs have some value.

TE: Robinson - JPP of tight ends. Dynasty buy.

K: Got a guy that can hit some long FGs. Giants offense can move ball and score points. Decent pick up.

D/ST: bend don't break - perry fewell defense. Banged up secondary. D-line will be stout...pass rush depends on JPP's health and tuck's motivation/health. LB are a weakness. Still giving up long 3rd down conversion due to miscomminications/breakdowns in secondary. you could do worse.

Manuel - If you draft a late first QB, I'd grab EJ as your third QB as a stash and see. The running dynamic and they have ran a few read-options, worth a flyer.

Spiller - They have fed him the ball in the pre-season game a ton. As long as he stays healthy he will put up some numbers. I'd be very happy taking him in the 4-7 overall range.

Freddy Jackson - A great cuff but also a flex play in PPR leagues, always falls forward and running hard, has a few more catches than Spiller this pre-season as well. Could be in on short yardage too.

Stevie- hurt most of pre-season, floor 800 yards, 4tds, ceiling 1100 7tds, nothing special, worth a WR3 spot, i'd rather have him as a 4.

Robert Woods - nothing more than a Dynasty play, unless he starts taking catches from Stevie.

TJ Graham - big play and best ball formats only

Chris Gragg/Scott Chandler (Dynasty stash/No)

Hopkins - nope

DST - when they play Jacksonville.


Kaepernick - There are very polarizing opinions of Kaepernick, probably due to the disproportionate amount of media attention heaped on him. Despite his outrageous rushing performance in the GB playoff game, Kap should not be viewed as a "running quarterback". His YPA was HIGHEST in the league last year. He had a 127 QB rating in his first NFC championship game, leading his team back after being down 2 TDs on the road, and he did this throwing from the pocket. To me he seems like a more athletic version of Roethlisberger. However he will start the season off slow in the passing department I think. Once he gets Kyle Williams and Manningham back I expect him to blossom. Good trade target midseason.

Frank Gore - Gore still has some of the best vision and footwork of any running back I've had the pleasure of watching. Unfortunately he has had so much tread on his tires that he on some of his long runs he almost runs out of gas and just falls down. That's no indictment on his effectiveness because it's rare that he busts any 40 yders these days, but he still has that great ability to make his man miss in the hole and hit the second level. I keep waiting for Hunter to take over a larger share of the carries but it's still yet to happen. Maybe this is the year where they really pare off some of his workload.

Vernon Davis - I still have my reservations about VD but the simple fact is that he is the most explosive and dangerous player they have on offense outside of Kap. THe coaching staff knows this and it would be absurd if they just use him the majority of time as a blocker. I expect him to be somewhat like the Torrey smith of tight ends. He will give you incredible 125 and 2 Td weeks but other weeks you may see 2 catches for 20 yds. I have seen him line up all over the field this preseason. Combined with the stories that he had been working exclusively w the wide receivers in camp, it's indication that the coaches have a significant role carved out for him in the passing game. I am cautiously expecting a big season from him.

Kendall Hunter - I have been very high on Hunter but I'm not sure if the coaches believe he can be effective between the tackles. He will remain a change of pace back (possibly one half of a committee) barring any injury to Gore

LaMichael James - Somewhat disappointing as a 2nd round pick. He hasn't been as explosive and elusive as advertised and is kind of a poor man's Darren Sproles. Still he makes the most of his opportunities but his physical limitations are becoming more apparent the more I see of him.

Anquan Boldin - For years he was the bane of all 49er fans as he physically manhandled our corners and looked like a man amongst children. Alas these days he's more or less comparable to Jason Avant in physical ability. The smarts are still there for example and I expect him to bail out Kap on a lot of third downs this year. However it's very possible that he goes the way of Randy Moss and plays a very distant second fiddle to VD.

Marlon Moore - Honestly as a fan I know next to nothing about this guy. He's a burner that's about it. From what I've seen he's not great at getting separation and if I were to guess, the only reason he's been a starter is because all the other WRs were either busting or injured.

Jon Baldwin - He's atheltic, but just looks too out of control and "unnatural" as a receiver. I'm not expecting much from him.

Quinton Patton - I'm starting to really be a fan of this guy. He's feisty and a gamer in every sense of the word. Seems to do everything he can to make it happen. Not overwhelmingly impressive in any specific area except for perhaps short area quickness where he's able to gain separation at the NFL level. He WILL be a factor this year, just how much will depend on the health of Kyle Williams and Manningham

Mario Manningham - Currently on PUP out until week 7. Personally I think he's a more athletically gifted receiver than crabtree. But his route running could use some work but his ability to separate is obvious on the field. Could be a good early season pickup and stash in a deep league.

Kyle Williams - I may be in the minority, but I actually think the trio of Patton, Manningham, and Williams is more beneficial to Kap than when he just had Crabtree during the playoff run. KW fits the scheme as a slot receiver and reminds me alot of lance moore. His biggest problem is carelessness and the inability to stay healthy, but he does have the jets to rip big plays.

Vance McDonald - There is a long, long, long shot that McDonald hits the ground running as Walker's replacement and doesn't miss a beat. But with Davis's new duties, my guess is that McDonald will take over many of Davis's old duties. He is a converted receiver and looks natural catching. Very high upside guy but does have the drops and a year too early to make any noise in FF.

Rams homer:

QB - Bradford is going into his fourth year, yet there is virtually nothing in his first three years where you can base your opinion for what will happen this season. The team has gone from run-Jackson-twice-and-hope-you-have-3rd-n-3-instead-of-3rd-n-8 to... we aren't quite certain. But as for Bradford himself, it's almost like he's had three rookie seasons. The one thing I saw from him, particularly last year, was how he did in two-minute drives. When the speed of the offense limited the situational substitutions and slowed down the pass rush, Bradford did pretty well. So now with the Rams having upgraded their offensive line, if that buys him the extra half second all the time instead of just in hurry-up, he could do some great things. My opinion is that after the top 13 QBs, Bradford has the most upside of any QB left. His floor isn't as good as some of the Flacco/Dalton/Bens of the world, but none of them threaten to crack the top ten either. If this pass-heavy approach pays off and Schotty is able to muster an ounce of creativity, Bradford could be your money backup. Then you can trade RG3 or whoever in week 5 before he loses his leg again.

Daryl Richardson - Of the three backs they have, this would be the guy to own. But with the focus being on the passing game, he could be something of an afterthought. Still, he did have some productive carries in spelling SJax last year, but the dynamic of the offense looks different. If they go with an 11 offense and Cook is the TE, then his only hope is to make use of the space that's there rather than relying on holes getting opened. He's good at it, but not great. He'll be a nice guy on your team, but not the difference-maker you might hope. If you are going upside-down in your draft this year, the idea of DR may feel like a sexy save on your RB situation, but I think the reality of it would disappoint, just because the circumstance he's in won't give him tons of opportunity.

I Pead - Blech. Didn't like him in the draft, don't like him now. Fisher takes chances on some guys, but he doesn't tolerate knuckleheadedness. He sat Janoris and Givens in San Fran, so if Pead doesn't figure things out really quick, he'll never make it out of the doghouse. Even if you want to buy into this RB timeshare (not something I'd recommend), this ain't the guy.

Zac Stacy - TD vulture. If you are scrambling for a guy in the 13th round... sure, why not?

Jared Cook - Top 5 TE. Serious. Not sure who will drop back to make room for him (my guess is Gronk will miss even more time with a new injury), but this guy looks beastly. For at least the first half of the season (more on that later), he will be pretty much the only red zone target with any size to him at all. Factor in that Richardson isn't the ideal goal line back, and he's pretty much the primary option. He'll be easy for Bradford to find down there, and Bradford will find him often.

Lance Kendricks - Second fiddle now. Had decent potential, but his job got outsourced.

Tavon Austin - Zero idea. None. He has been kept under wraps intentionally, so we have no clue as to whether or not Schotty knows how to use him. You have to figure they've got something in store for him, but in the preseason, all we've seen is him lining up in a very straightforward slot role. The best you can do is look at how Amendola was used last year and combine that with the punt return against Denver. Make of it what you will.

Chris Givens - Must own. He's climbing the charts quickly, and it makes me irate. All my mocks I was getting him easily in the 9th round, and now he's going in the 7th. And he deserves to go higher. This guy has too much speed for most DBs to keep up with him, and he has been working diligently on his underneath and intermediate routes. He has big play potential written all over him. Austin will likely go first in the draft based on name recognition and rookie sexiness, but Givens will outperform him. By a bit.

Brian Quick - This is the shark move. If you have space on your bench, stash him. He has been working intensely on learning the playbook (we all know how massive his college playbook was.... "Ummm... run an eight-yard out. I'll throw it to you at the Gatorade bucket.") and it is showing, but he's still thinking too much. I expect that about halfway through the season, he'll have a light bulb moment, and then his natural physical talent will be able to take over. Once that happens, he'll be option 1 or 1a alongside Cook as the red zone threat. If you are streaming your WR3, you may not be able to invest, but if your WR depth is solid, take a last-round flyer on this guy.

Austin Pettis - Ho-hum. He'll be on the field and he'll help move the chains, but he's no big play threat and he has trouble getting separation in close areas, so he'll never be a top red zone threat. A nice guy to have on your NFL team, but not your fantasy team.

Stedman Bailey - worth a stash in a dynasty league, but he's clearly #5 on the team.

K - You know him... you love him... and if your league gives bonus points for 50+, then he should top your list. Fisher almost played for the field goal last year once they got in Zuerlein's range.

DEF - Undervalued. 53 sacks last year, and they didn't have much in the way of leads last season. If this team can put a team in come-from-behind mode and some obvious pass situations, 60 sacks isn't out of the question. Also, last year, the defense had the lowest percentage of recovered fumbles in the league. Unlike sacks and pressures, poor fumble recovery percentage is a law-of-averages thing. Increased pressure combined with a ridiculously low fumble recovery rate from last season... combine that with an offense that figures to stay on the field more than last year, and this D can be elite depending on how you score. And if your defense and special teams are rolled together.... then you'd also be drafting Tavon Austin.

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bump for more awesome team overviews please. Sorry for ruining the excitement talking about the Vikings offense. :)

eta - More fullbacks.

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QB: Vick - Mid QB1 as long as he lasts due to rushing and play count.

Foles - If Vick is hurt, high QB2 and rosterable/decent spot starter.

Barkley - May start at the end of the year. Don't bother if he does.

RB: McCoy - Mid RB1.

Polk - Some flex-appeal or RB4 value while Brown mends an ankle sprain. Given the number of plays PHI expects to run and a run-pass ratio that should be close to 50/50, the RB2 will have value no matter who it is.

Brown - RB3 value if healthy and not in the doghouse. Stars align and McCoy gets hurt, he's a mid RB1. Talent is still obvious.

Tucker - Not worth rostering, but if multiple injuries ahead of him, any RB in PHI will have value.

WR: DeSean - Boom/bust low WR2 as long as he lasts. Maclin's injury only increases his floor a little bit.

Avant - Useful in PPR leagues. Got a surprising number of looks in preseason. Low upside but should have his best year, break 60 receptions, and be useful depth as a WR5/6.

Cooper - Maybe in TD-only leagues, but otherwise I think Avant is a better bye week filler.

Shepard - Dynasty stash. Could replace Avant next year.

Damaris - Only points will be return yardage unless DeSean gets hurt. Will be useful boom/bust WR3 if DeSean is out.

Salas - Looked good in the preseason. Probably earned a roster spot. If Shepard continues to struggle could become a stash player.

Momah - Raw player, maybe practice squad.

Maehl - Traded from HOU mid preseason and hasn't done anything. If he makes the practice squad over Momah, it's more of an indictment on Momah.

TE: Celek - Still the team's best TE, but new guys limit any upside. Don't expect him to be more than a bye-week filler.

Ertz - Maybe next year.

Casey - Role player, H back, don't think there's fantasy value there. Expect similar stats as he got in HOU.

Harbor - If he makes the team he can be used as depth both at WR and TE. Not worth rostering.


Weeden, pure matchup play. Only worth drafting in 2 qb and deep rosters, 20+ offensive players. Will have some good games vs weaker back 7's if he gets on a roll early. Operative gamble each week though, when things don't go well he makes them worse.

Rich, top 5 rb, top rb upside. Horribly misused last year, awful scheme, played injured, not to be confused with hurt.

Lewis, dyno ir stash, will be his backup next year anda cop ba ck. Don't waste time with others.

Gordon, I will draft him as my fourth or fifth wr but will make sure I have at least one other plan b on the bench.

Little, fool's gold. Show me, don't tell me. Immaturity tells me he won't ever get it.

Bess, will be a surprising bye week injury filler in deep leagues.

Benjamin, every team has one like him but I think he will be involved enough on offense to monitor. Dyno flier.

Cameron, over hyped. Splash plays and big games out of nowhere, but wary there will be too many lemons for owners to stomac .

Kicker, matchup play, team will have red zone problem , decent option whenever favored.

Defense, under rated matchup play. Good schedule, new aggressive scheme with pass rush to create turnovers.

best August thread I have seen in a while, and I am shocked that I am the first Steelers homer to respond. FWIW, i am very down on this team this year and I think a big part of that is a sputtering offense. It is likely my thoughts on their offensive players will be lower than some of my homer peers. my overall view of the offense will go a long way to explaining the predictions for specific players below.

now in the 2nd year of Todd Haley's offense and with a brand new workhorse running back, the offense should be comfortable and rarin' to go. I say "should" because they looked terrible throughout the preseason and that bell cow RB has been plagued by injuries. the O Line has looked bad on the field despite their pedigree on paper which indicates that they should be above average (lots of high draft picks across the top 5) so i suspect they will get better as the season progresses. also there seems to be some sentiment that the Steelers will run the ball more and possibly throw to the RBs out of the backfield more. overall the defense is aging but they still finished last year as a top unit and Troy looks healthy again. the special teams units look to be among the worst in the league on the whole, but Shaun Suisham posted an excellent year in 2012.

Big Ben: he was having a monster year in 2012 before he got hurt and the wheels fell off the whole team. in the first eight games last year, he posted 16 TDs against 4 picks, with about 2300 yards. while it is not Brees or Rodgers numbers, those are very strong stats from a Steelers QB. in training camp the day I saw him there, he seemed to have about 60% of his mobility as his knee was wrapped from a prior minor surgery and his throws were wild. he also showed some of this wildness in preseason action although he looked much better in his most recent game (week three). Ben makes for an excellent QB #2 this year and I wouldn't mind spot starting him against weak defenses especially during the first half of the year with a softer schedule.

LeVeon Bell: flying blind here because the second-round draft pick just hasn't played much. however, he is very highly thought of by the coaching staff (i think they reached for him) because he was so productive in college. his latest injury is a bit of a mystery. we don't know if he will be ready for the opener or put on the 6-week PUP list. once he gets healthy, though, it looks like Haley wants to feed him the ball so even in redraft he should be a hot commodity: the every-down back. the lack of clarity on his injury, however, and his limited playing time during the preseason give me pause. buyer beware in redraft.

Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman: Dwyer would be my pick to carry the mail if Bell can't go but the coaches slot Isaac Redman as the #2 RB. Redman is steadier and probably a touchdown vulture. Hard to say what either of these two backs will do because if Bell is healthy, they won't get much opportunity. Dwyer has had some bonehead moments and some have questioned his conditioning so I think Redman is a sneaky play for the fantasy owner who is not sold on Bell.

Antonio Brown: The clear cut #1 WR on a team with no true stud WR. i worry that his production in the past was partly a result of Mike Wallace stretching the field and Brown facing lesser CBs. I suspect he will underperform his ADP because of increased attention from the defense.

Emmanuel Sanders: At heart, he is just a steady, run-of-the-mill WR but I think this is the year he will pay off for fantasy owners. He is going to get a ton of opportunities so long as he stays healthy. This could be a breakout year for him numbers-wise. Would not shock me to see 1000 yards and 8TDs from Sanders this year. i believe he is in year #3 and that this is a contract year.

Markus Wheaton: He had a great preseason and will fit into the WR#3 role immediately. I temper my predictions for rookie WRs but Wheaton already looks polished. The coaches rave about him. If Sanders goes down with injury (which he has been known to do), I could see Wheaton stealng that production easily.

Heath Miller: He is not on the PUP list so word on the street is that he might play by week 4 or 5. He was having a great 2012 season with Ben. Heath is a viable TE in fantasy but he won't be top tier in production. A solid TE#2 the second half of the season.

Team Defense: They were solid last year but one of the worst defenses in terms of turnovers. Underwhelming with sacks as well. With Troy back there, you never know when they'll turn in a five turnover game, and you can count on them keeping the scoring and yardage in check if your league values that. I think they are probably more draftable in 2013 than they are getting credit for. Rookie Jarvis Jones looks like a great instinctive player and the defense just cannot post another season with so few turnovers. I'd be buying the Steelers D.

edit to add that Dwyer was just cut. Bump Redman even more with Bell's uncertainty.
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RB: Peterson.

All Others: Avoid.

I am a vikings homer, and I can second this analysis. It is really getting old listening to some radio and TV personalities talk about Ponder like there is a chance he could be good or it can take time to develop. I don't have great QB analysis skills, but I can tell you from all other QB's I have watched that look to be solid to great NFL QB's, all have a great mix of patience, yet confident and decisive decision making, and steady feet. Ponder is lucky to have 1 of those 3 on one pass per drive. Greg Jennings will be barely rosterable in my unscientific guess, C Patt only in KR leagues, and Rudolph possibly in TD heavy leagues. Hate to say it, but this team is an under the radar train wreck waiting to happen. I expect to see the old get a veteran, draft a rookie scheme next year, but I would rather we trade for cousins.

Falcons Homer

QB Matt Ryan-Offensive line woes could hinder his production early as new RT Holmes has no game experience. Second year lineman Konz starts at Center whereas he played Guard last season. RG Garret Reynolds has been inconsistent over the years without ever finishing a whole NFL season. If the line gels Matty-Ice should be top 5. If he gets sacked too much could be a struggle.

RB Steven Jackson-Lot's of tread on the tires but looks like he has a couple seasons left due to his commitment in the gym. In a league that offers few RB's that are gettin 250 touches SJax should be a top 12 Runner. Will get a lot of screen work due to inexperienced offensive line. With Roddy Julio and TGonz darwing coverage you have to believe the running lanes will be much bigger than what he had in STL.

WR Roddy White- He's top 10 WR if Ryan gets time behind a leaky line.

WR JJones- See above.

TE TGonz- Didn't see him much in pre-season or camp. Another workout warrior he did get a couple of grabs from Ryan and he should have similiar numbers to last year. Back-up Chase Coffman had an excellent summer and could be the heir apparent.

Defense- If the two rookie CB's we drafted get up to speed quickly we could be much improved. The two speedsters have their work cut out for them. Osi looks at least as good as former DE John Abraham and maybe even a little better. Second year man from Troy Johnathan Massaquoi blew it up in preseason. Under Nolan this unit should be better.

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Vikings fan....proud member or the if Ponder sucks just as bad this year I might slit my wrists club.

Peterson RB-Must start every week. (Even on the bye because he's that much of a bad ###. #ADPMVP)

Rudolph TE-Not a bunch of good fantasy TE and Ponder CAN throw the ball down the middle 10 yards.

Patterson WR-This is my hunch pick. I think by week three it will be obvious that he is the second option after Peterson.

Walsh K-3pt assassin.

Ok so I was hoping more folks would be enthusiastic about describing their teams than this so far.. still hopeful they will, but since there are a ton of Vikings posts in here without really going in depth. I will make the attempt.

Minnesota Vikings

QB Christian Ponder - I am hoping somehow the light turns on for Ponder and he makes everyone bashing him eat their words. But realistically, he just does not have good body language, seems uncomfortable playing QB and I am not sure if that will ever change.

QB Matt Cassel - Serviceable back up who can be alright as a game manager for this offense, which is all the Vikings really need from the position. If Ponder struggles I don't think the Vikings will be slow with the hook so he may be starting at some point this season.

QB McLeod John Baltazar Bethel-Thompson - As usual the QB who has played the least is always the fan favorite. That is until they actually get a chance to play. He actually looks promising, shows more confidence than either Ponder or Cassell and seems to have a very live arm. Could be a surprisingly good player if the other 2 fail/get injured.

RB Adrian Peterson aka ALL DAY/Purple Jesus - One of the best players of the modern era. Is so good that people are tired of talking about it. Is widely considered the "no brainer" best player in FF. For once I think the majority of people are right. Will be looking to break Eric Dickersons single season rushing record and it is not just something players say as one of their goals. This guy could actually do it. Peterson also wants to play long enough to break Emmit Smith's all time rushing record. If healthy (huge knock on wood) he just might be able to do both. Best RB I have had the pleasure to watch since Walter Payton.

RB Toby Gerhart - A bigger RB who needs a lot of carries to reach full effectiveness. Will never get those carries unless Peterson is injured. Complete RB although a bit slower than most starters to my eyes. Good in pass protection and great on screen plays/quality receiver. Which is surprising considering the defense should know this, yet somehow he always seems to find a way to get open on these obvious 3rd down change ups. Free agent after this season who may get a shot with another team if he leaves similar to how Michael Turner did.

RB Matt Asiata - Another big RB similar to Toby Gerhart just not as good. Quality special teams player.

RB Zach Line - A HB/FB tweener. Fits the same mold as Gerhart and the heir to his role if Toby leaves after this season. Could develop into a quality FB in time as well. Has shown good hands in the receiving game much like Gerhardt. Will be useful on special teams.

TE Kyle Rudolph - Great hands and improving as a blocker. Becoming a well rounded TE and made the Pro Bowl last season. Possibly one of the better TE in the league, but needs better QB play to really be able to evaluate him fairly.

TE John Carlson - Struggled with injuries after signing as a free agent last season. Healthy now and could see more action in the passing game. Primarily a blocker (and decent one) in the Vikings offense that does a lot of screens/misdirection.

TE/FB Rhett Ellison - Will likely be the main FB while Jerome Felton sits 3 games due to DUI suspension. Quality blocker who is somewhat unheralded for the fine work he did as a rookie last season paving the way for Peterson and Harvin. Wears number 40 in honor of now retired Jimmy Kleinsasser and has played up to that billing so far. Important player for the Vikings blocking schemes.

FB Jerome Felton - Did an excellent job lead blocking for Adrian Peterson last season and a important part of what has taken the running game to another level. Will miss 3 games but the Vikings have enough other mobile beef to keep chooglin until he gets back.

LT Matt Kalil - Played better than expected as a rookie. Great LT who is athletic as a TE. Often gets to the second level on blocks and quickly. The Vikings have had many quality LT in their history but Kalil may be the best one yet. Has struggled in preseason a bit. Hopefully he can play as well as he did last season.

LG Charlie Johnson - 3rd year with the team. Johnson was over matched as a LT but is decent as a guard. The continuity on the offensive line is important and hard to complain about the job they did as a unit last season. Still perhaps the weakest link among the starting 5.

C John Sullivan - Had a minor micro-fracture surgery to his knee this off season. But hopefully fully healthy now and ready to go. Can struggle a bit at times against massive DTs but does a good job of holding his own. Very good at moving defenders sideways away from the play in the run game.

RG Brandon Fusco - A developmental player from a small school who has taken some time to come into his own. Split time last season but kept getting more snaps as the season wore on. Punishing run blocker who still is working on pass protection.

RT Phil Loadholt - Has really worked hard and gotten better. Played with Peterson in Oklahoma so there is a ton of chemistry/familiarity between them. Has gotten into better shape each of the last 2 years and a devastating run blocker. Struggles at times against quicker pass rushing ends his main weakness.

Backup linemen - Joe Berger/Troy Kropog and new comer Jeff Baca. Berger and Kropog are technicians who can fill in when needed and in rotation. Baca being groomed to possibly replace Charlie Johnson in time.

Oh yeah. The Vikings have some Wide Receivers.

Greg Jennings - Veteran receiver brought in from the Packers. Will play Z for the Vikings and potentially high volume receptions. A pros pro and great technician/student of the game. Will be used primary to move the chains when needed.

Cordarrelle Patterson - Rookie WR who should return kicks and will also be used at X receiver. Very elusive in the open field. Will be used on screens and running plays as well. Needs to work on his route running but the Vikings will find ways to get him the ball. Has shown good hands catching, plenty of speed and moves to make defenders miss. Similar prospect to Percy Harvin although may be used somewhat differently.

Jarius Wright - Back up Z receiver who will also play some slot. Good all around receiver with sleeper like potential if the Vikings were a passing team. They are not.

Joe Webb - Former QB now moved to WR. Has shown good hands and is a team favorite. Will be used quite a bit on constraint plays much like Percy Harvin was. Webb adds another element as a passer for trick plays for the defense to worry about. Big like a TE and great leaping ability for the red zone. Still not sure how good he is as a blocker. Will be fun to see how the Vikings use him. May also play special teams.

Jerome Simpson - Starting X WR but as others have mentioned, will likely be supplanted by Patterson sooner than later. Simpson is ok but needs to play much better than he has so far.

Bottom line, the Vikings do not even try to be pretty on offense. Their game is to smash you and keep smashing you and try to win ugly with good defense. As the league becomes more and more about the passing game the Vikings are going the other direction. There is nothing simple about this however as the Vikings use some of the most diverse blocking schemes in the league. All of those TE and FB I mentioned are not there for your fantasy team. They are there to crush defenders trying to stop the run. They are deployed in multiple formations to get the right mis matches. The whole team plays inspired because of Peterson. Who wouldn't want to give their all blocking for him? All it takes is one block and he is house. This is what the Vikings are all about.

On defense the Vikings have tremendous depth at defensive line and have added many newcomers at linebacker. The secondary is still a work in progress and perhaps the biggest liability on the team at this time. I will come back and try to do a detailed write up on that side of the ball later. This already got pretty long.

Your 2013 Chicago Bears

QB: Jay Cutler - He got some buzz as a sleeper QB2 but I'm not really feeling it. The Bears didn't throw much under Lovie (Cutler bottom 5 pass attempts recently iirc), so they should throw more under Trestman. I haven't seen Cutler unlearn his bad habits-flat footed throws under duress, locking in on a guy rather than going through route progression-in the preseason yet and until I do I remain unconvinced. I rank many of the backup QBs higher than Cutler (#19 in my rankings). To be fair a lot of my friends think he's going to be borderline QB1, so take that for what it is worth.

RB: Matt Forte - looks great, better than he has looked since his best season (2009? 2010?). He's not a burner but has good speed and is very elusive in the open field. Much more so than you would think from a tall guy. The opportunity is there to catch a ton of balls in the Trestman offense. He will lose goalline carries to Michael Bush. Barring injury he has his best or 2nd best year.

RB: Michael Bush - Fine backup in real life and fantasy. Startable if Forte gets hurt and a good handcuff candidate if that's your thing.

WR: Brandon Marshall - The back issue seems to be fine. I don't see any way he can get 40% of the passes again. There will be more passing to offset that, but his TD totals were far and away outlier types for him as well. I expect that to come back to earth as well. Combine those two and you have someone who I don't think will produce at the level required of his ADP.

WR: Alshon Jeffery - Looks very good-quicker. It's only preseason but Cutler has shown some tendency to forcefeed him the ball. He's another big guy and has shown the ability to get by guys despite not being that fast. I think he emerges this year and is someone to look for at his ADP.

WR: Earl Bennett - Concussed, hasn't really proven that he can peform consistently at the NFL level.

WR: Joe Anderson - Training camp hero who has looked great. This role was filled by Dane Sanzenbacher recently. I don't expect anything out of him.

WR: Marquess Wilson - Dynasty stash. Looking like a 7th round steal of a 3rd round talent who fell because of off field concerns. I don't know if he's ready to contribute this year but he is someone to watch especially for 2014 and beyond.

TE: Martellus Bennett - The thing has been that Trestman doesn't throw to his TEs, and so far that has definitely been the case. He's been left out in the preseason games. This bums me out because I think he is a very good 2 way TE. I love his talent but can't recommend him based on scheme and what I have seen.

K: Robbie Gould - He's good and has been banging 50 yard FGs, which he had not done until recently.

Defense: Lovie is gone but new Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker is keeping the same Tampa 2 based scheme intact. I think they have 1 elite year left in them, but they are very shallow. Injury to Peanut Tillman, Briggs or Peppers could be devastating. Those guys are all 32 or older. Jon Bostic has looked very good at times in the Urlacher role, but he's also made quite a few rookie mistakes, which is to be expected.

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Mistake prone right now as to be expected, but has a nose for the ball and is pretty athletic. The position is obviously good for fantasy. I am a fan and owner in IDP. We'll see how it plays out this year but definitely a buy in dynasty.

I can't see how the Giants defense is going to be a fantasy option this year. The line is going to be worse, the linebackers have always been an issue, and the secondary is a mess. If anything, this might give a slight bump up to their offense since they'll be in a lot of high-scoring games

Giants homer.

QB: Eli - feel free to take him as one of the last QB in a 12 team + league. He has weapons and I hope they utilize david wilson in the passing game.

RB: Wilson - has been discussed, all pro talent, needs touches. I'd take him as RB2 if I loaded up on top WRs/Graham as he can be a top10 RB and has a decent floor. Need to see consistency week in and week out this year and he'll be a top 5 pick next year.

RB: Brown - decent all around back. Giants best goalline back in a while although they still are below league average in punching it in. Will get touches. Has seen work as a 3rd down back. Great opportunity should wilson get hurt.

RB: Torain/Cox - Cox has looked great in camp. Torain looks good between the tackle. Giants will probably carry 4 RBs. Neither rosterable in redraft.

WR: Nicks - contract year, healthly. Will get timing w/ eli and presents good value in the 4th round allowing you to load up on RBs in earlier rounds.

WR: Cruz - going a little too early for my liking. Heel injury could be problematic and giants have had a track record of trotting guys out there that were not at 100% instead of trusting their roster depth.

WR: Randle - draft him late. he's putting it together in camp this year.

TE: Myers - still learning offense, runs wrong routes. I wouldnt draft him, but it could click and he could be a weapon. Eli makes TEs have some value.

TE: Robinson - JPP of tight ends. Dynasty buy.

K: Got a guy that can hit some long FGs. Giants offense can move ball and score points. Decent pick up.

D/ST: bend don't break - perry fewell defense. Banged up secondary. D-line will be stout...pass rush depends on JPP's health and tuck's motivation/health. LB are a weakness. Still giving up long 3rd down conversion due to miscomminications/breakdowns in secondary. you could do worse.
[SIZE=medium]I will give this a stab: AZ Cards:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Palmer - Well, the fact that our first round draft pick went down for the year in early preseason does not give me warm fuzzy's that he will have any time what-so-ever to throw down field; however with Kolb last year in the first four games the offense looked passable. I really like what the new HC is doing plus the weapons at his disposal should make him a low Q2 with upside. Another factor going against this team is playing in the toughest division in football. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Fitz - Finally someone that can throw him the ball. Fitz is top 3 talent that has not had a QB since the Warner days. Look for a top 10 finish this year with the emergence of a legit #2 and a QB that can make NFL type throws. I would not be surprised with 1200/10/90 type numbers with a lot of upside.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Floyd - He was drafted in the first round for a reason. Athletic physical WR that is going to give teams number 2 CB fits. Look for him to take a lot of pressure off of Fitz and hopefully keep the safety’s honest. With the new offense, i like him as a highend #3 with some upside, let’s say 900/4/60.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Andre Roberts – Typical slot type of WR. I like him to help stretch the field and come in for spread formations. While I don’t think he is fantasy relevant in all but the deepest of leagues, he will still be a very productive player that will help the Cards. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Rob Houlser – 4.4 speed that should create match up nightmares if he could only hold onto the ball. Further, with the starting tackle going out for the year, I see the TE staying in a bit more to help give Palmer time. I was really high on this guy last year however, he just has not seemed to produce in the preseason like I had hoped. Good grab and stash at the right price, but don’t overpay IMO.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Medenhall – In the off season, I was actually excited to see him come to town, then I saw the first preseason game. Our offensive line continues to be inept at opening holes for a RB to run through. Our bookends were supposed to help open up the pass game by giving palmer more time. Then with preseason injuries this is still up in the air. To be honest I would not touch any of the AZ RB’s unless it is depth or as an emergency starter due to injury. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Williams – The kid looked great in limited play last year until he was inured for second year in a row. See above but to me there is no value here.[/SIZE]


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