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Calling all NFL Draft-niks & College football fans! (1 Viewer)


I run a 'fantasy' College and Pro League using Strat-o-matic Pro and College Football.

The NCAA is divided into 4 conferences and one team from each conference feeds a Pro Team it's talent ... like an MLB Farm System.

Like fantasy football ... draft Knowshon Moreno for your Florida Gators team. Draft Michael Crabtree for your Cal Bears team.

THEN (better than FF) coach your games, get your team into the National Championship Tournament ... and win a National Championship

Like the NFL Draft, projecting future talent and/or watching college football?? You NEED to check this out!!

Check it out at Herculeanfootball.com

You don't NEED to buy Strat to participate. You can GM the teams without SOM.

The Pro Draft is going to start in 3 weeks. The college drafts will start after the January 1st Bowls.


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