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Calling Trade/Keeper league experts (1 Viewer)

Hurl Bruce

Was just offered Zach Mass and Devin Singletary for Damien Harris by the now owner of R Stevenson. This gives him the Pats backfield and me the Buffalo backfield. He'd be throwing in a 9th round pick, which would be the 4th round after we all keep 5 players. I haven't tried talking him up to an 8th rounder yet. PPR

My RBs are now:

Wilson Jr.

Do I do this swap of one (better) headache backfield in NE for another one from BUF to get the draft capital?



I like Harris more than Moss. I'd rather hold on to him, and I'd rather have the Pats backfield.

But how are your chances this season for a title run? If it doesn't look good, I like the draft capital. 



Bear in mind that while you say "it'll be the 4th after you all keep 5 players", it is in no way comparable to a 4th rounder in redraft as there are plenty of players who would go in the early stages of the draft that will be kept. It's dependent on the exact keeper details and how long you can keep players for, but it's more comparable to a 7th-8th imo. Just in terms of what you're thinking re: draft capital

As for the actual question, you're trading one minefield of a backfield for another. I would probably keep Harris tbqh, or at least hold out for more and/or pick your poison out of Singletary/Moss, getting one and someone different


Hurl Bruce

I ended up flipping Harris and Keenan for Diggs and Miles Sanders.

I like Diggs better for the ROS and as a potential keeper.



There is no way I trade Harris for the Buffalo running game.  The Buffalo running game is not reliable at all.

I do like the trade you ended up pulling off.  Sanders is worth the risk (higher ceiling/lower floor) over Harris and I like Diggs a lot more than Allen.  


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