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Cam/Barkley for Luck/Chubb/Adams (1 Viewer)

Brandon Will

20 team dynasty. Non PPR. I'm light on WR Adam's would be a great addition and I like Chubb a lot, and definitely Luck over Cam after how he did me in weeks 14 and 15 last year 


Barkley, Henry, Fournette 

DJ Moore, Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins, Cobb, Goodwin 

OJ Howard 



That size league is about having difference makers and Barkley is about as big of a difference maker there is at the moment.  I think you are getting a great haul for Barkley in this deal as I think Chubb is a difference maker as well.  This it tough but I think I actually pull the trigger as it solidifies you in two spots and I don't think Chubb will be a huge downgrade over the long term. 


J to the bone

I would do it. Cam is nothing special so essentially you are getting Luck(arguably top2 QB), Chubb (complete stud workhorse until week 9) and Adams(arguably top WR). Also, Barkley's points per game dropped last year every game Beckham wasn't on the field, roughly 22 points per game average while Beckham was on the field to 18 points per game when Beckham was absent. 


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