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Can anyone top this great coaching? (1 Viewer)


My kickers are Alex Henery and Ryan Bullock.

I started Bullock in weeks 1,2 and 5 and Henery in weeks 3,4,6 and 7.

My starters have combined for 7-15 FG and 20.0 pts (2.8 ppg)

My back-ups have combined for 19-20 FG and 84.0 pts (12.0 ppg)

I have been wrong every week!

Week 1: cost me 3.0

Week 1: cost me 16.0

Week 1: cost me 9.0

Week 1: cost me 3.0

Week 1: cost me 18.0

Week 1: cost me 1.0

Week 1: cost me 14.0

Thanks to the bye week, I wont be wrong this week but most likely will end up with negative points!

Yeah it's pretty bad coaching to be holding onto a second kicker the whole year when the slot could have been used on someone with actual upside...

Had a guy in my limited transaction league pick up Foles with his last teansaction to cover Brees bye week when he's had Dalton rostered all year. Dalton outscored Foles by 23 and the guy lost his game by 6.


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