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Can someone tell me more about Jon Alston? (1 Viewer)

Andy Dufresne

I watched this interview and came away tremendously impressed.

I hear that he's one of the best linebackers nobody has seen play. He was a terror in the Pac-10.

They're talking like he may have to switch to safety, but a lot of that depends on the system he's in. He seems like the ideal size for a cover 2 OLB, similar to a Derrick Brooks.

I would love for the Vikings to have one of the QBs/DeAngelo Williams slip to them in the first and then nab this guy in the 2nd.


I think he has Darren Woodson type potential just based on his size and everything I have read, unfortunately I haven't seem him play either. I think he is a couple of steps faster than Woodson so his upside on paper looks great. He is supposed to be a pretty big hitter and I hope he has a very good career.

he's a little light, but it was clear watching him at the shrine practices that he's got the coverage skills to play safety. He stuck with a speedy RB on a wheel route down the sidelines so closely... it was one of the 2 or 3 plays of the practices that impressed me the most, and I noted it in my writeups. His measureables also project well for safety. I would roughly compare him to Michael Boulware. His edge rushing skills and a little bulk could make him work as a WLB in the tampa 2, although I think he could be even more effective as a strong safety where his lack of bulk wont hurt him as much. His coverage instincts are excellent for an LB, and his eventual position should play to that one way or the other.

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