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I was thinking about getting a camera for the car.  A couple years ago, I was in dead stop traffic on a highway when I got hit from behind.  We got out, exchanged information and I called my insurance when I got home.  Didn't think much of it.  But the other driver ended up claiming he didn't hit me and I almost had to pay for the damage myself.  Luckily I took a picture of his driver's license and that was the proof I needed to have his insurance pay.  But it got me thinking if an accident like that could almost be denied, there's no way any other accident couldn't easily end up being argued and cost me money out of pocket.  

I remember I started looking for cameras then, but had no clue what I was looking for.  I didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money and I also didn't want wires hanging all over my dash.  After not being able to find anything I liked, I just kind of forgot about it.  Then yesterday I was driving and almost got hit by another car changing lanes on the highway and it got me thinking that if he had hit me, there was no way I could prove it was his fault.  

So I ask the collective brain of the FFA, does anyone have any suggestions?  I wish car manufacturers would integrate them into the cars like GPS's did.  Until then, I guess I need to find one that I can live with. 

What say the FFA?

How does storage on these things work? Does the video overwrite itself if you don’t have any events happen? 

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I've been thinking of getting one too; but wires hanging down would bother me.  I think I'm going to buy one from the place that will install it.  They put the camera high up on the windshield and run the wires up into the roof so that it gives a clean look.

Mine has a removable micro SD card, maybe 4, 8, or 16 GB. It's enough for a couple of weeks of footage. I think it saves files in 5-minute chunks. There's a single button to push to mark the currently recording file as permanent, otherwise, it will write over older files. So you can either push the button or you have a few weeks to pop the card and save it on your computer. 
gotcha...yea I would assume that 99% of the footage is useless. 


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