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Cardi B and Offset broke up! (1 Viewer)

It's amazing how a guy that claims he "beats up the ##### like fight night" isn't a keeper. Or a woman who invites two others to a threesome can't be trusted to stick around. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. 

eta* I'm sorry. I should realize how welcoming a new one into the family can put stressors on any relationship. 


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If it can happen to Cardi B and Offset, what hope do the rest of us have?

seriously, what's the percentage of people in here who would have been able to recognize Cardi B from a pic? Or even knew who Offset is?

i know how to use a mig welder and sometimes i will call other welders a bro mig o and i play cards so i guess you could say this news really hurts me take that to the bank bro mig os


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