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Cardinals at Rams (1 Viewer)

Levi Brown needs to move inside to LG and put Potter at LT or this will be a loooong season.

That was absurd, but it's still probably #3 after 3 safeties and LaVonte David's insane late hit to give the Jets the win. Footbaw!

Ugh. He was looking really good, too. Hope it's nothing.

Edit: Taped up and back in after about 5 plays.

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Is it just me or is Austin too little, I am not saying he is going to get hurt, but he seems to get tackled so easy.

sack and fumble recovery by rams deep in cards territory.

legatron ties it up with 9 minutes left...

beware of peterson ST play... he was a rams killer as rookie...

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important win for rams...

they need to win at home, and win the games they are supposed to...

to stay competitive in NFC West, playing SF & SEA 4 X season...

How did Bradford look in this one did he have time to make reads or was he pressured like in years past?
He was hardly pressured at all, but he hardly pushed downfield. A lot of checkdowns.
WAY too many checkdowns, WAY too many designed short passes. Very frustrating. Too many plays seemed designed to hit a guy standing still instead of running in stride... accuracy is Bradford's biggest strength, let's use it! That is what made Warner so good back in the day. Ugh.

That being said, with Cook's fumbled shoulda been TD, Bradford should have gone over 300 yards and 3 TDs. Even the INT was fluky, though is was Sam's fault.

Thought Bradford looked fine. Givens isn't going to be covered by the likes of Patrick Peterson (who IMO is the best corner in football right now) every week and I expect good times ahead with him & Bradford.

Cook is a matchup nightmare. And he's finally got a QB that'll exploit that.

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