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Cardinals vs Vikings - Week 6 (1 Viewer)

McCoy is the worst offensive coach in the league. lol He has ruined David Johnson. Completely ruined.   

I don't hate them going for it, but I do question the playcalling. They didn't want to run it up the gut on 3rd down, but decide to run it up the gut on 4th?
it's sad to watch...…..why McCoy has a job I have no idea...….

The hitman with the sack.

Cardinals backed up and a good retur by Sheels gives the Vikings great field position.

Hunter Weatherly and Anthony Barr are making plays in this game.

Anthony Harris with the interception.

Harris with another good play in coverage on the play action deep shot by Rosen. 14 was holding Anthony Harris a bit on that throw as Harris had position to possibly make a play on the ball.

I like Harris as the deep safety because he plays the ball.

Joseph hurt. The Cardinals on their 3rd guard after Ipati went out.

Fitzgerald with a great catch. Rosen moving the chains.

DJ was effective. Time to stop using him. 
The Vikings are playing soft on defense right no and rotating back up players through. The defense with penalties extending Cardinal drives.

The Vikings got the sack there though.

Linval was out for a bit but back in the game on the last play.

Murray with a big run on 3rd down should seal the game. 

Drive extended by Cousins converting 3rd down with a QB sneak.


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