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Carl Nassib DL CLE (1 Viewer)

Bracie Smathers

Starting a thread for this kid because he is going to need one.

First game he made an incredible shoe-string tackle on a screen that would have gone for at least another 15 yards but he made a fantastic pursuit shoe-string tackle.  Then he scraped down the LOS and made a nice stick on a running play before making another shoe-string sack on a highly mobile back-up QB.  You should have seen the look on the QB's face like, 'How the hell did that guy get me?'.

Last night he looked impressive once again.  Instantly on his first play, he knocked a pass down for a PD.  Later, was on the far backside of a passing play and left unblocked and SPRINTED at full-speed and wallopped the QB before he could release the ball, caused a fumble, then made a nice recovery.  

This kid was the Lombardi Award winner last year and lead the NCAA with 15.5 sacks, the all-time Pen State single-season record.  


Penn State defensive end Carl Nassib won the Lombardi Award (top lineman) on Wednesday night, capping a meteoric rise of a college career that began as a walk-on, and ended with a trophy named for a coach who espoused the traits college walk-ons can't do without: effort, determination, resilience.

Nassib led the NCAA in sacks with 15.5 this season, anchoring the Nittany Lions' pass rush at 6-foot-7, 270 pounds. Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien, who moved Nassib from walk-on to scholarship status while coaching at PSU in 2013, admitted this week that he underestimated the 2015 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year when he coached in Happy Valley. Nassib made 46 total tackles this season, 19.5 of them for losses, and forced a nation-high six fumbles.

He just leaps off the screen anytime he comes into the game.  He is not currently listed as a starter but I think he'll be in every pass rushing sub-package.  His name is getting out there but if you want to get in at bargain prices then get him now.


23. The Carl Nassib cult is growing. The Browns' intriguing rookie defensive end began rotating with the starters. On his first drive, he immediately tipped a Matt Ryan pass. The rest of his snaps (which were plentiful) seemed like he was in the Falcons' backfield every play. Nassib finished with a strip-sack, fumble recovery and had another sack negated by penalty. Nassib, Emmanuel Ogbah andJamie Meder offer some the Browns young, intriguing building blocks in the front seven.


Nassib definitely has a high motor.  Not sure he's an especially talented athlete, but he absolutely is relentless.  Like a poor man's JJ Watt.  Could see Nassib being a big statistical contributor if the defensive line around him develops with him scoring on effort sacks and tipped passes type plays.  Will be interested to see his snap count as his rookie season unfolds.

I have ayers, devin taylor and heyward ,1.25 solo .75 assist, 5 point sack 3 point bonus every 5 tackles 16 team league, drop 1 and pick up nassib? has a liot of potential

You seem solid at DL IMHO.

Nassib is a rookie on a bad team.

He's got a high motor and has displayed pass rush potential but I'm not sure how much more you could expect over what you have so it is a horizontal move with risk.

The word is getting out so if you want him the time is now but you seem solid.  You would be betting on incremental gain.

Not a bad first NFL game.
Definitely a nice start to get recognized as the only defensive rookie up for ROTW in your first game.



Which rookie made a splash in Week 1? Vote for the Pepsi Rookie of the Week. We'll announce the winner on Friday.


...  Carl Nassib, Cleveland Browns

Nassib recorded three tackles, one sack and one pass defensed against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Nassib got shut out and looked bad but it turns out he was injured.  I'm not sure when the injury happened but he didn't finish the game.  Not sure of his status but this was the first game he didn't produce.  

Status: Waiting, till he's healthy to get a better feel for his baseline that I think is still high due to his motor.  He's not an uber-athlete but he will produce if healthy IMHO.

Browns rookie DE Carl Nassib suffered a broken hand Week 2 against the Ravens.
Nassib is headed for surgery and should miss at least a few weeks. The Browns are already extremely thin in the front seven, and Nassib's loss is yet another blow. The rookie has one sack and three tackles through two games.

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