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**Carolina at NY Giants** (-1) (43.5) (1 Viewer)

My heart says The Giants will win. My head is saying the same thing:

Giants- 27
Panthers- 23
Should be an interesting game, Ginats still don't have their two best rushers but thew Baltimore contingent that followed Wink did a great job. Jihad Ward did gfood work last week and I hope the line holds up for Bus Driver Saquon "F*CK YOU" Barkley.
Great start by the defense so far. Giants trying to motion Carolina on O early, lots of Krombobulous Michael Kadarius Toney so far.
Carolina just sitting on Saquon with multiple guys in the box and daring Giants to pass.

Kenny Golladay had ONE 1st half snap.
Now that's a response by the Giants. Stack the box and sit on the short passes? Daboli and Kakfa scheme flip the script with more motion plays and clearouts to the no name TEs.
Redeemed himself a bit with David Sills V pass there. Would like to see some Saquon but Carolina is just sitting on him right now.

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