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CB Tracy Porter NO injured (1 Viewer)

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New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter expected to miss 2-4 weeks with sprained knee, according to sourcePublished: Monday, October 04, 2010, 6:11 PM Mike Triplett, The Times-Picayune New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter is expected to miss about two to four weeks after suffering an apparent medial collateral injury in his left knee, a league source confirmed.Porter came back into Sunday's game briefly after suffering the injury during the Carolina Panthers' final offensive drive. But tests revealed a slight tear on Monday, according to a source. Porter tweeted the cryptic words, "Why me?"Porter also missed four games last season with a sprained MCL in his left knee. But he clearly bounced back from that injury, returning to the lineup in Week 15, then emerging as a playoff hero with fourth-quarter interceptions in both the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl.Saints Coach Sean Payton did not offer an update on Porter's status during his Monday press conference. He talked about the safeties who left Sunday's game, then added, "We have a few other nicks."Veteran Randall Gay and rookie Patrick Robinson will both likely step into greater roles while Porter is out for the Saints.

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