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CB Will Peterson done (1 Viewer)

Odd how things work out- Can you believe he's "done" and Blackburn isn't? see below:

LB Chase Blackburn said he is fully recovered from the frightening neck injury he suffered Dec. 24 against the Redskins.

Blackburn, who incurred five herniated discs, two bulging discs and two pinched nerves, said he's added one inch of muscle around his neck to strengthen the area.

Damn, I like the way Will Pete plays too.

Frank Walker may have a shot at starting if he stays healthy.

The Giants haven't been counting on Will Pete's return. His injury status landed him in Coughlin's doghouse. After the poor play of the secondary last season the Giants made DB's a priority in free agency, adding Madison, McQuarters and Safety Will Demps. I'd venture to say the Giants have been planning on moving forward without Peterson for quite some time. I still don't think Frank Walker will start. He's currently listed as the 4th DB on the depth chart and that's before you add McQuarters. Personally, I think McQuarters isn't worth the paper his contract is printed on. But even without him, Madison, Webster and DeLoatch are higher on the charts than Walker. Walker is a playmaker but he's also got a two cent melon. He takes a ton of risks which result in turnovers but also lots of penalties. I like him as a reserve. If he had to start every week, the Giants would be in trouble.


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