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Out of Mind
Cincinnati is struggling. I think they'll continue to feed the ball to Johnson for a second week in a row. Last week he saw a ton of targets against the Steelers. A big weakness for the Bengals this year has been protecting against the pass rush. Houston won't be bringing much in that department and Johnson should see a big game this week. His yards per catch is hurting because they don't have the time to throw, that should change this week. I'm curious to hear other opinions on this.

Starting him over Colston until I see Marques resemble his old self. IF 85 can't have a decent game against Houston he will probably get permanently benched.(by me)

I'm startin' Ocho this week as well as Fitzpatrick(ugh). Have Romo of course and Eli M. but I like Fitz's matchup better than Mannings.Could be a down week for me as I have Jennings and Forte on bye too. We can start 3rb's and 3wr's so I'm going with Gore,Slaton and MeMo. Don't know how much Moore will do against the Giants D but at least I know FWP won't be gettin' any of the carries. Have Evans as my top wr and 85. So I have Camarillo,Matt Jones(guess he's not suspended yet), Kevin Walter and Malcom Floyd. Might go with Floyd as my 3rd wr since he's scored 2 weeks in a row and looking like Chambers might not play. Back to 85, not having Palmer surely doesn't help him but Fitzpatrick had 310 yds/3 td's against Houston in '05. Be nice to see a repeat with Ocho gettin' a piece of it. So yeah, with my byes I gotta give CJ one more shot to produce and against Houston's pass defense is ranked 17th. I think Chad's learning a few things about himself this year in the maturing department and hemay not do squat the rest of the way. Hopefully he'll at least learn from this year and we'll see a different 85 next year, I also hold my breath on that one :shrug: He could still ahve some goodyears left in him football wise.

Ocho Stinko gets the start for me this week with Marshall on bye. If Chad doesn't have a decent outing this week I'm dropping him.

Yeah there's something in the air with this game. The Texans have been letting everyone stick around lately and the Bengals have been playing tough. Fitzpatrick has focused on Chad way more than Palmer did, so I think we might finally see 100 yards and a td.

Hey, if not now.. when? :popcorn:

Man who said:
I think Chad's learning a few things about himself this year in the maturing department .
GL with that... just imagine what the upcoming offseason is going to be like after last year's.
They very well might have to keep Chad passed this season. Especially with T.J housh in his contract season. If they don't want to pay him, and they won't, they have too many holes to fill and not enough cap money. Chad will be the only receiver they really have except for the jailbird and the developing caldwell.


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