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Championship gear (1 Viewer)

Tom Servo

Nittany Beavers
Since the Steelers last won a Super Bowl before the vast merchandise explosion started, I was wondering what items I should look for in the team gift shop or from other retailers worth having.

When the Ravens won a couple of years ago :X , they even had replica championship rings on sale, but IIRC they were $700!! :eek:

I told my wife last night, "Hold on to the budget, 'cause I'm buying some championship stuff!!" If I remember, I'll get her a shirt. ;)

The championship DVD, the Sports Illstrated covers (regular and special edition), and a shot glass. That's what I do when my teams win championships.

In my opinion, the replica championship rings are stupid. Rings are for players, not fans.

well I started with the hat, tshirt, dvd combo. I always thought they were corny and then I go and buy it anyway :)

I made out VERY well this postseason with pools, gambling, fantasy, box pools so some of that money I'm buying crap with.


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