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Championship! Need to start 3 and of these LB (1 Viewer)


2pts solo

1pt asst

4 sack

5 int

3 ff/fr

2 pd

Lo Alexander - with Milano to IR became a 3D LB last week...Does that continue?

Jatavis Brown - good matchup vs the Ravens according to Norton. Prob a lock for 1 spot

Elijah Lee - playing every down now, put up 17pts in my league last week. Can he be trusted?

Jordan Hicks back from injury...will he be on a  snap count?


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To me it comes down to sitting either Alexander or Hicks.  

Alexander is a somewhat sack dependent and those are few against the Pats.

Hicks coming off injury scares me a bit.  Snaps may be down.  He probably has a lower floor because of it.

I think I sit Hicks.  I want to see a game before trusting him.



Jatavis is a must vs. Baltimore.  Ravens run so many rushing plays that any LB with speed should feast.

I agree with Gally on Lee.  Not sure of his longterm value, but ride the wave of unquestioned opportunity for now.

I don’t really trust Alexander though.  He’s an older journeyman who has shown flashes many times, but has never been able to sustain them.  Hicks seems a much better bet to me, even coming off the injury.  



Hope you played Alexander.  He had a huge game
went with Alexander, (31pts)  Lee (23) and Brown (12)...I had a feeling about Alexander this week

Hicks had 10

i am up 203 - 146.75

I am done and he has Damien Williams, Jordy Nelson and Daesean Hamilton...it will be close but hopefully I will hang on. Forgot the Seattle guys - he had Reed and I had McDougald as well

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