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Championship on the Line (1 Viewer)


Got great advice from this forum last week and now I can clinch the season-long championship by finishing 4th from the bottom in my QP league. Usually wouldn't be a problem, but I've got a healthy number of my starters sitting due to playoffs or injured. Here's the landscape:

WR: J. Jones,  M. Thomas, A.Brown. Pick 2. I'm worried about Brown's knee and Thomas sitting

RB: McCaffery, Peterson, Martin, Penny & Foreman. I'm leaning with Peterson & Martin with McCaffery likely to sit.

Flex: Usually I play one of my wideouts here, but given I'm short as it is, I'm thinking it'll have to be Penny or Foreman or a McCaffery gamble.

If you were me, who would you play today?



Sit Brown unless he is active, if active sit Julio.

Ap and Martin are the go to guys. Go with Julio as flex unless you have to start him as a WR, if so go with Penny since Miller is back.


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