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Changing to 2 QB league. Dynamic scoring and keepers. How should I change my draft strategy this year?? (1 Viewer)



10 team league (was 12) with some homers and some very astute players.  16 players are rostered.  Runs the whole year - into playoffs

Keeper Rules:
2 End of Season Roster spots can be kept.  They will occupy their previous draft spot, less 2. (i.e. If drafted in the 4th Round you can keep that player and he will occupy your 2nd draft spot... you loose that draft spot). Anyone drafted (or picked up) after the 12th round and kept as keeper... will occupy the 12th round in the draft. 

You can keep players 2 (additional) years from original acquisition until they must be available to all in the draft again. i.e. Pat Mahomes will be available in the draft of this league in the 2021 season.

One last consideration that can come into play in the draft.  The season runs though all the games. Then you redraft for the playoffs.

You may (or chose not to) keep all rostered players left on your team (Their team made the playoffs).  A redraft is done the Friday night before wildcard weekend.  I was first last year (thank you Montgomery, Ackers, and Taylor) and selected Brady with the first pick. This year, that first pick difference in the playoffs. (picking Adams and Hill at 1.10 and 2.01 provided the most luck). Brady's team owner for the regular season did not make the playoffs, making him available.  The top team from each of the 3 divisions make the playoffs and will draft first based on record and/or tie breakers.  The next best 3 teams join them and draft in similar order. 

This is my favorite league and I would recommend year long players try it. 

The League setup:

Must play: 

2 QBs (new this year ...and to me)

2 ea of WR, RB

1 ea of TE, PK, Def

1 extra WR, RB, or TE

All TD's = 6 points, including QBs. All get +3 for 25+yds / +3 (again... i.e. 6pts added)  for 50+yds.  Including QBs.  DST Run Backs are awarded to DST, not the player. Other misc. scoring is same or close to most other leagues. 

My potential keepers are:

Josh Allen QB 6th Round (was drafted at 8 last year)

Justin Herbert QB 12th Round (16th last year)

David Montgomery RB  8th Round as keeper

Cam Ackers RB 2nd Round

Justin Jefferson 12th Round

Many of you here are much more talented at this than me.  And had the league remained 1QB - I would have kept QB  Herbert and WR Jefferson at 12.  (One of them would drop to 11)

This league always drafted QBs a little earlier than average - probably due to the scoring system. Accept for Brady in his prime and Mahomes (if he were not a keeper previously) high quality Qbs would often be 2nd or 3rd round considerations. In 2020 Rodgers, Watson, Mahomes, and Allen all scored over 500 points for the season. Brady, Murray, and Wilson were close behind... returning high 475, 476, and 489 respectively. 

I think that scarcity will come into play this year with the new rule.  So although I was so looking forward to keeping WR J.Jefferson.  I think I should keep the two QBs (Herbert at 12 and Allen at 6) Besides being highly likely to return good point totals most weeks, both appear to be on teams on the rise... likely to make the playoffs.. and so can be kept for their potential playoff points. (And hopefully they don't meet the first week).

These two may both be there in the first round for me to chose from as this is the first year with this format. But some early QBs drafted will certainly put fear in the others by the second round. As this season winner, I pick last in the 1st round. Which means I must draft a QB there as it will be two rounds of picks before I draft again. At least that is my thinking.

So you guys with experience and success in this format... Is my thinking correct?  Does the dynamic scoring make it more so?  Or, do you have a different take.  

Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts.


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