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Chargers New Stadium hits another snag (1 Viewer)

The city is in financial Hell since the huge pension plan scandal. I believe the plan is currently $1.3 billion in debt and the union "arrangement" which was deemed to be illegal led to the resignation of the mayor and the jailing of 2 councilman on fraud charges.Anyway, the city has no money and no developers are stepping forward to take on the burden. I think it's getting ever more and more likely that the Chargers will leave. I doubt anyone in SD will actually realize it until it's too late though. That seems to be the way these things normally work.

LT welcome to LA :thumbup:Poor Benson, could have had the Saints in the biggest market in the country. But, since Katrina it wouldn't have been politically correct. I hope the saints draft Leinart, and he refuses to play. Then Benson should say too f-ing bad, I wanted to move my team, and i wasn't allowed. Then Leinart can enter the draft in 2007 and go in the second round, hould have gone out in 05' :wall: . Then Tagliabu and the other owners will be stuck with a bigger disaster in NO that Katrina. And, the Buc's get 2 easy wins. :thumbup:


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