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Charles Manson (1 Viewer)


Wife watching this show on TV about him, I've already seen it.

Wife....how short is he?

Zeno....5-3 I think

Wife...you know he was cremated here in town, right?

Zeno....what,  no I didn't know that, how is it you know about it?

Wife.....saw it on the news.

Zeno....well thank's for telling  me about it.


It appears  his grandson who had never met him lived here in Porterville took care of it. God wanted him to.


I do own Manson's book but haven't read it yet, might read it after this Jack Reacher novel.

I do like this, and his other stuff not bad.


He was in Corcoran Prison which is about 40ish? miles west of here. 

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