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Charley Taylor passes away at age 80 (1 Viewer)


I have some sad news to report to longtime Washington Commanders fans.  One of the greatest wide receivers in the history of pro football, Charley Taylor, passed away over the weekend at the age of 80.  He played 13 seasons.  He had 649 receptions.  He had 9,110 yards receiving.  He had 10,803 combined net yards.  He scored 90 total touchdowns.  He was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1984.  If anyone has memories that they'd like to share of Charley Taylor, please feel free to do so.


Ministry of Pain

In 1972, Taylor racked up 146 yds and 2 Touchdowns vs the World Champion Dallas Cowboys in the NFC to knock them out of a rematch with the Miami Dolphins in the Super Bowl. 

-Miami managed to hold him to just 2 catches  for 20 yds in Super Bowl VII. 

-23 of his 31 career fumbles happened the first 3 seasons when he was primarily used as a Halfback and had him catch a lot of passes that way. Imagine a HB in today's NFL fumbling 23x his first 3 seasons, unheard of. 

-1966-72 Rec

-1967-70 Rec

-1969-71 Rec

Paul Warfield who also made the HoF and played during his era, Warfield never caught more than 50 balls in a season, in fact he caught 42 or less in 11 of his 13 years in the NFL jut to put in perspective what Taylor managed to accomplish. 



When Charley Taylor retired, he held the NFL record for career receptions, a mark that he held for 9 years, longer than anyone else has held it except Jerry Rice (26 years and counting!)

Here's what I was able to dig up about various individuals who ever held that record - couldn't find an existing list anywhere. I was there the Monday Night that Art Monk broke Largent's record. Defending Super Bowl champion Washington got out to a big lead over Denver and Gibbs basically said, let's get this over with now and kept feeding Monk the ball all second half until he broke the record late in the national TV game.

Jerry Rice 1995 -
Art Monk 1992-95
Steve Largent 1987-92
Charlie Joiner 1984-87
Charley Taylor 1975-84
Dan Maynard


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