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Chaun Thompson and Bryan Thomas (1 Viewer)

Chaun Thompson could have some nice value. He's projected to move inside to replace the departed Ben Taylor now that Willie McGinest is in the fold. Taylor had a decent season inside last year and Thompson is probably a better talent. He's got the size to handle the 3-4 ILB spot and excellent speed. Crennel's 3-4 hybrids align Andra Davis as a MLB role in almost every front though, so Thompson's upside is limited. Probably LB3 numbers at best. In my leagues, Ben Taylor was around #41 last season.

Bryan Thomas won't have too much value. He'll likely only play a rush LB role in the 3-4 front as he is a big liability in coverage and he never has been particularly helpful in run support at end when they mix in the 4-3. Unless Victor Hobson or Eric Barton continue to struggle with injuries, with Brad Kassell now signed, I don't see Thomas on the field often enough in a good fantasy position to be anything more than a prayer.

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