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***Chiefs at Bengals***(+4) O/U 51.5 (1 Viewer)


I like Cincinnati in a mild upset today

Agree. Bengals are hot and playing with a little swagger.

Mahomes and Kelce flew to the national semifinal on Friday so Kelce could watch Cincinnati play. So I have to question their focus a little bit here.

I think Cincinnati wins this and it's not particularly close. Chiefs blow the #1 seed.


Team Smokin'

You are confirming my thoughts. Take CIN and the points. They are on fire. KC is no slouch either but have experienced the slumps too!



Game of the day imop. Bengals look good for an upset,but K.C. is playing well and playing much better defense,Mahomes is playing smart,taking what the defense allows,so.....

Chiefs- 31

Bengals- 27



Two 3 and outs to start

KC down both starting tackles now - 1 in pregame and 1 on 2nd drive

Mahomes throws a dart to Robinson for 7-0 KC


Ministry of Pain

600 Yards of Offense so far in this game

Higgins 6 yards on 1 target...i have to ask, is he hurt? I don't know honestly since I am kinda watching Miami but losing interest



I think my favorite part of this game is Ward doing Chase's dance in front of him after a incompletion on a 1st down play in the 1st quarter and then proceeding to be completely roasted all game long



Cincinnati at least clock aware. 

I have no idea what Joe Burrow is doing running two QB sneaks there, unless they're trying not to make it. If you're doing that, just kneel down. 


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