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Chiefs at Chargers - Week 1 (1 Viewer)

Chargers have been a trendy Super Bowl pick this preseason, but the Hill punt return is so typical of why this talented team has perennially underachieved.  So bizarre...it cuts across multiple coaching regimes

What the hell is goin on here ?

Andy Reid giving touches not only to Spencer Ware but Damien Williams too ?

Is this for real ?

Every scrub is catching passes but not Kareem Hunt, lol.

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Is Hunt in Reid’s doghouse or something?  Ridiculous!
No. Reid loves to be cute with the playcalling, and it actually got him 38 points today so he’s rolling with it.

In general, he might not ride Hunt so hard this year with Ware back. Ware is still a very good RB who should get 5-10 touches a game.

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How in the world does Travis Benjamin still have a job? The guy couldn't catch a cold.

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