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Chubb, Mack, or Coleman (1 Viewer)


Standard scoring.  Need help with flex spot.  Pick one of the following to start this week  please:

Chubb vs Atl

Coleman @ Clev

Mack vs Jax 

link your questions and I will be happpy to help with your decisions as well.  Have a great day and thank you for looking.



I would rank them Chubb=Coleman>>>>Mack

  • Chubb will get 18-22 touches and has the potential to break a long run or two. 
  • Coleman looks to be rounding into form but has Ito to content with.  I think Coleman is still the big play guy so if that doesn't happen his day is a little less than desirable
  • Mack going against a mad Jax defense coming off a bye doesn't sound like a good combination.  I would stay away.

Chubb gets the nod for me.  I like the high floor he gives.  Now if you are a big underdog and need the ceiling I could be talked into Coleman


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