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Classified Ad: Need Replacement Owner for 5x5 Dynasty League (1 Viewer)


We're looking for a replacement owner in the Serious Business Dynasty league to take over Finless/Clifton's team. Please respond asap if interested. PM me or PIK95 if you have questions.

League format is 13 team full dynasty, hosting by CBS, 5x5 w/ OBP instead of AVG, unlimited moves and daily lineups. $50 in and we're going to use LeagueSafe this year.

Here's the team. It's very strong at the top but has some definite problem areas. From past experience, it's much easier to assemble complimentary pieces around superstars in this league than to acquire the core players.


Posey, Buster(1B,C) SF

Konerko, Paul(1B) CHW

Phillips, Brandon(2B) CIN

Cabrera, Miguel(3B) DET

Hardy, J.J.(SS) BAL

Escobar, Yunel(SS) TB

Seager, Kyle(2B,3B) SEA

Braun, Ryan(OF) MIL

Davis, Rajai(OF) TOR

Reddick, Josh(OF) OAK

Rios, Alex(OF) CHW

Hunter, Torii(OF) DET

Young, Delmon(OF) PHI

Saltalamacchia, Jarrod© BOS

Pacheco, Jordan(1B,3B) COL

Castellanos, Nick(3B) DET

Lee, Hak-Ju(SS) TB

Almora, Albert(OF) CHC

Hicks, Aaron(OF) MIN

Yelich, Christian(OF) MIA

Boesch, Brennan(OF) DET

Cuddyer, Michael(1B,OF) COL

Tabata, Jose(OF) PIT


Beckett, Josh(P) LAD

Bell, Heath(P) ARI

Buchholz, Clay(P) BOS

Holland, Derek(P) TEX

Lee, Cliff(P) PHI

Nathan, Joe(P) TEX

Romero, Ricky(P) TOR

Volquez, Edinson(P) SD

Weaver, Jered(P) LAA

Barnes, Matt(P) BOS

Doubront, Felix(P) BOS

Odorizzi, Jake(P) TB

Porcello, Rick(P) DET

Storen, Drew(P) WAS

This franchise is OTC in the annual one round add/drop draft. In addition, you can have two extra moves after the draft but before the first waivers run.


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